The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


10. "Run!"

The pair slowly made their way back to the campsite, keeping a watchful eye out for Shimmer or the District 9 boy. Kree felt very uneasy as they emerged from the tree line. She felt Haymitch scouted up ahead, not seeing anything out of the ordinary; however, he felt the same way his companion did. Something wasn't right. Suddenly, he felt Kree's firm grip on his arm, causing him to turn and gaze deeply into her eyes.

"Haymitch," she whispered, "It's too quiet. I don't like it...I don't like it at all."

"Me neither, but there's nothing there."

He felt her start to tremble, "Please Haymitch, let's just get our stuff and relocate. Please?"

Taking a moment to think, the blonde's eyes caught sight of the tower.

"All right," he finally said, "we'll head to the tower. Shimmer won't be hanging out with that District 9 boy, so it'll be two against one if we find anyone."

Releasing a sigh of relief, Kree nodding and hurried to start packing. She shoved the canteen she had taken from Maysilee and put it with the other one. Wrapping the purifier in her jacket so it wouldn't break, she stuffed that inside as well. Haymitch hastily threw his jacket on and helped Kree to her feet. Grabbing their weapons, they began their journey away from the Arena's edge. Haymitch honestly didn't like it, but he didn't want to risk Kree leaving him to go off on her own. Losing Garreth and Maysilee had been enough. He would be damned if he lost the girl he loved as well.


They traveled for an hour before reaching the stone building. They both looked up, noting how much taller it looked up close. It had to be at least thirty stories or more. The room at the top appeared to be circular in shape with large stained glass windows bearing the symbols of the Districts. Opening the door, Haymitch nearly feinted.

There were no other rooms aside from the one at the top. Just stairs. All those stairs.

"Well," Kree said, leading the way, "these stairs aren't going to climb themselves."

"I beg to differ."

Smirking, she placed her hands on her hips, "You survive the bloodbath, a neon cat, starvation, dehydration, and pink birds just so you could be defeated by a set of stairs?!"

Haymitch gave a sarcastic nod, "Sounds about right. Couldn't we just find another spot along the edge?"

"You're the one who suggested-," she paused, squinting at something in the distance before whispering with fright, "Haymitch, run! Up the stairs, let's go!"

Turning around, Haymitch gave a cry of fright as an arrow narrowly missed his throat. The tribute from District 9 pulled back the string on his bow, taking careful aim. Haymitch turned and ran into the tower. Kree was right; with the spiral staircase, it would be impossible to fire an arrow in the narrow passageway.

He heard the tribute curse and chase after them. Kree was beginning to slow just ahead of him.

"Run, Kree, run!"

"I'm running!"

But Haymitch knew the pain she was feeling in her chest, for his was also on fire. He could hear the tribute behind him slowly gaining.

"Kree, I swear to god if you don't put some hustle on this, I'll kill you myself!"

"Yeah right," she laughed, breathless, "you wouldn't dare. Hang on! I see the door to the room!"

Haymitch took a quick glance behind him as he rushed into the room. Slamming the door shut, he cursed when he found no lock. Instead, he put all his weight on the wood and felt Kree doing the same. On the other side, the District 9 tribute slammed against it in attempts to get in.

"You're crazy," Kree screamed, "there's two of us and only one of you! You come in here and you're dead!"

"At least I'll take one of you bastards with me," came the boy's reply, "there can only be one victor. And I think we all know who that's going to be."

"Why me," a snarky voice came from the other side of the room, "of course."

Kree and Haymitch looked over to see Shimmer leaning up against the wall, twirling her axe between each hand.

"Shimmer," the raven haired girl sneered, "never expected you to survive this long."

"You know," Shimmer straightened up, raising her weapon, "I said the same thing about you last night. Then I had this wonderful dream where I slit that pretty little throat of yours," suddenly, her gaze fluttered to Haymitch, "then I realized it would be much more fun to kill your boyfriend first."

Screaming, Kree left the door and flew at Shimmer with a wild swing of her bat.


Metal met metal, sending sparks showering to the floor. Leaping back, Kree kept herself between Haymitch and her enemy. She would be damned if she let this pampered bitch lay a single finger on him! Shimmer made a horizontal swing, which Kree ducked beneath and countered with a hard swing to the girl's side. As soon as the dull weapon met flesh, there was a dull THUD which was drowned out by the large SNAP that followed. Shimmer gave an agonizing wail and backed off.

Kree chuckled, "You obviously didn't learn anything from training, did you?"

Suddenly, Haymitch gave a cry of pain. The District 9 tribute, using his bow, had shot completely through the door, lodging an arrow into Haymitch's right calf. The blonde fell to the floor in pain, clutching his injury as the tribute shoved his way into the room. Knocking another arrow, he aimed at Haymitch.

Suddenly, Kree gave the boy a mighty shove, causing his arrow to fly in a random direction as he tumbled backwards.


Glass scattered in the air and the boy's screams faded away into nothing. Kree stared at the broken window for a split second, listening to the canon booming in the distance, before turning back to Haymitch. He lay on the ground, groaning and holding his bleeding leg. Kneeling beside him, Kree removed her belt and tied it tightly above the wound. Grabbing the shaft, she yanked it out and cringed at his following scream. She then tore into her backpack and retrieved her jacket. The purifier tumbled to the floor and shattered into pieces. Cursing, Kree tore off both sleeves and wrapped them tightly around the wound.

As she finished her work, she heard Shimmer running at them. Lifting her bat, she deflected the blow aimed at her shoulder. Jumping to her feet, the two girls continued their battle. Haymitch's fingers fumbled with his knife. Pulling it from his belt, he attempted to stand and help his only friend. Kree, however, appeared to be doing just fine. She deflected each attack with graceful ease, yet she couldn't seem to get in a hit of her own. Haymitch circled the pair, looking for any chance to make a stab at Shimmer.

Just then, the girls got in a blade lock. Pushing against each other with all their might, all the blonde boy could do was watch as they tried to gain dominance over the other. Then, with a mighty battle cry, Kree leaned over the weapons and slammed her head against Shimmer's. Startled and dazed, the District 1 tribute staggered backwards before falling to the ground. She didn't move, but there was no cannon shot either.

"Kree," Haymitch limped to her side, "Kree, are you okay?"

"Just a headache," she replied, smirking as he wrapped his arms around her, "I'm fine, Haymitch."

Smiling, he gently laid his forehead against her, noting how she winced slightly. There would definitely be a bruise the following morning. Suddenly, the pair found themselves laughing hysterically. Haymitch then grasped her chin and pulled her in for a kiss. Cracked and dry, Kree allowed him to moisten her lips and soon she opened her mouth to let him in. The pair remained that way for several seconds, enjoying the feel of one another against their bodies. As they finally pulled away, Kree smiled.

"Promise me," she whispered, "that no matter what happens, you'll never leave me."

He smiled back and nodded, "I promise."

Her eyes lit up and her smile grew. Just then, she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye.

"Haymitch, look out!"

He felt something slam itself into his chest, causing him to fall onto his back. All the air left his lungs and he gave a cough. Raising his head, he watched the scene unfold before him in horror.

Shimmer had regained consciousness and charged Kree. Slamming her entire body into the shorter girl, she sent her reeling backwards. She gave a cry of surprise as she felt herself slam into the windowsill. Flipping over it, she fell through the empty space. Reaching out, she grasped the windowsill and screamed in utter pain as the remaining pieces of glass sliced through her palm. Reaching up with her remaining hand, she tried to pull herself up.


Haymitch's scream of agony made her look up to see Shimmer smirking down at her, her axe in her hands. Fear coursed through her entire being and soul.

Was this the end for Kree Stark?

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