The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


8. Meanwhile: Back in the Capital

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I thought it might be nice to see how each of our champions are reacting to this video. This will be a short chapter, sorry.


Caesar watched all three victors as the film continued to play. He chuckled when the two lovers shot looks of surprise at Cinna when he popped up on screen with his mother. Peeta's gaze was one of curiosity as he watched his aunt run around the Arena with her best friend. Katniss couldn't help but shed a tear as Garreth lay dying. And Haymitch; Caesar smiled cruelly as Haymitch flinched at every death he had to re-witness. The blonde man blushed whenever he and Kree became closer, earning a few outbursts of "aw"s from the audience or a slight smirk from Peeta. The host waited anxiously for the main event, but he knew that wouldn't be happening just quite yet. Katniss' jaw dropped when Haymitch Kree began talking about Peeta's name. She heard Peeta arose behind her, and turned to see his face full of surprise.

"My aunt...named me?!"

"I made sure," Haymitch muttered, "when I came back, your mother was going on three months pregnant. She said she saw what her sister had done and promised to name you what she wanted...Peeta James Mellark."

"B-but," Peeta's face became white, "it-"

"It's not your full name, is it? Care to share, Peeta," Caesar smirked, leaning forward, "or would you like me to pull up your birth records? If it is too hard for you to say, I mean."

Peeta remained silent for many moments, his shaking clearly visible to everyone in the room. Suddenly, Katniss appeared beside him.

"He doesn't have to say," she said fiercely, "it's bad enough you're forcing him to watch the death of his aunt, but to threaten to pull out his confidential files-"

"Now Katniss," Caesar held up his hands, "I was not threatening Peeta, I was merely suggesting that, if he finds this topic a little too hard, then we could always do it for him. I mean, the people deserve to know, right folks?"

A great cheer arose from the crowd. Katniss shared a look with Cinna, who seemed to know what to do just as much as she did. Haymitch struggled against the bonds that still held him to his seat. He had to get  Peeta; to comfort him. He had to protect what little bit of Kree he had left. He supposed that was why he was so eager to get along with Peeta. Although she was only his aunt, Peeta was nearly every bit of Kree. His readiness to protect those sacred to him, his courage, and his bullheadedness. It was all Kree. The similarities had even gone physical. The shape of Peeta's eyes and the broadness of his shoulders may have belonged to his father, James; however, he had Kree's delicate hands and shapely nose. Haymitch could not stop the tears that had begun to fall. He had to protect Peeta...for Kree!

"Please Caesar," Katniss was still trying to get their attention off her lover, "let's just finish the video. Leave Peeta . Can't you see he doesn't-"

"My name," the audience went silent as Peeta spoke up, "I am not ashamed of it. I am not afraid to say it! I now see why my mother named me what she did! She would always tell me that I am named after the three bravest people she ever knew."

By now, the audience leaned forward in order to hear him better. Caesar's eyebrows shot up towards the sky. Katniss and Haymitch watched in surprise and curiosity.

"My name is Peeta James Kreeson Mellark!"

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