The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


6. Kill or Be Killed

The nearest source of water was beside the tower. Haymitch kept a watchful eye out for any other tributes. Maysilee had said there were seven others besides them. And, although four of them came from District 9, they wouldn't be anything to scoff at. The Games were almost over, and soon it would be every tribute for themselves. Alliances would crumble and friendships would be tested. He paused as he thought of Kree. Could he really kill her?

The sound of leaves rustling caught his attention and he froze on the spot. Ducking down behind some bushes, he watched as a large neon blue creature emerged from the foliage. Haymitch nearly gasped in horror. It was a giant lion-like creature with its jaw hanging wide open. The blonde clutched the purifier tightly as he glared at Garreth's murderer. Slowly, he reached back for his-

He froze. Where was his knife?! He began to shake violently. It must have slipped out of his scabbard as he lay with Kree in his arms. Either that or...

"No," he thought, "May wouldn't take it. She's too sweet. She wouldn't...would she?"

Before he got lost further into his thoughts, a shrill scream broke the silence. Haymitch glanced up in horror as the giant cat pulled out a male tribute by his leg. Haymitch caught a quick glimpse of a large 7 on his jacket. He ducked farther into the brush as another boy emerged with a double bladed ax.

"Figures," Haymitch scoffed, "You can take a Lumber Tribute out of the District, but you can't take the District out of the Lumber Tribute."

As he watched, he held his breath. The tribute on the ground continued to scream as he struggled to push off his attacker while his fellow tribute swung his weapon at the cat's exposed sides. More neon pink blood sprayed into the air, causing painful memories to flash across Haymitch's vision. He began to shake violently, hugging himself and rocking back and forth.

"Hang on Ed," he heard the tribute scream, "hang on! I'm coming!"

"My leg," Ed screamed, pushing on the cat's broad chest, "my leg!"

As the tribute raised his ax once more, there was a flash on blue and a long silence. Ed's friend glanced down at his chest, almost surprised to see the bladed tail which disappeared into it. The cat snarled as the ax dropped from the tribute's hands.

"Roarke," Ed screamed as a cannon sounded, "no!"

Haymitch held his breath, not able to tear his gaze away as the creature gave a quick flick of its tail and sliced the boy clean in two. Ed screamed again as it returned its gaze on him. The claws began slicing away once more, however they were very shallow. Haymitch couldn't believe it; the creature was actually smart enough to know how to make a kill as slow and as painful as possible!

Image of Garreth, bleeding to death on the ground, forced themselves into Haymitch's memory. A terrible scowl appeared on his face as he slunk forward and quietly picked up the ax. He approached the creature from behind, waiting for the perfect moment. As soon as the lion laid its tail flat on the ground, Haymitch swung.

A bloodcurdling yowl echoed through the trees as the creature turned around to see what had taken its tail. The creature and the boy met each other's gaze. A flash of recognition passed across both sets of eyes. Putting the purifier into his large leg pocket, Haymitch took the weapon in both hands. He was never good with an ax, but seeing as how his knife was missing he didn't really have a choice.

"Help," came Ed's weak call, "please...kill killed my brother just now."

Haymitch couldn't believe it. How unlucky were you to have to come to the Games with your brother. No wonder those two seemed so intent to stay together.

The cat hissed and slinked forward, keeping a wary eye on the bladeed weapon in the human's hand. Haymitch gave it a swing, nearly catching the already dangling jaw. The cat snarled and swiped at the boy's legs, knocking him off his feet. Haymitch instinctively brought up the weapon was the cat leaped on top of him. He caught its front claws with the handle while dodging its back ones at the same time. The cat tried to reached around the weapon and catch the boy's head, however it failed continuously.

Haymitch felt the strength in his arms fading fast, causing the animal to slowly close the distance between their faces. Suddenly, it gave a pained scream. Haymitch looked around the hulking body to stare in shock at Ed. the boy had dragged himself to the fight and thrust a large bowie knife into the animal's side; however, he didn't have enough strength to force it in all the way. A good portion of the blade still showed.

The cat reached back with its claws, causing Haymitch to give a horrified cry as they sliced the boy's chest clean open. This was not meant to cause pain; this blow was meant to kill. Ed fell back, clutching his wound in an attempts to close it. Slowly, the animal returned its gaze to Haymitch. By now, the ax rested on the boy's chest, held in place by a single paw. The neon blue lion raised its other paw, preparing the final blow. Haymitch's eyes caught sight of the knife once again, still stuck in th feline's side. With a roar of rage, he gave the end of the hilt a mighty kick. It slid easily into the flesh and bone. The cat gave a surprised cry as it froze up. Haymitch watched, wondering if his action would have any effect on something this big.

Suddenly, he saw the animal rush towards him and he screamed. This was it. He was done for. He felt a crushing weight on top of him, taking his breath completely away. Was the cat trying to crush him? If so, it was doing a very poor job. Suddenly, Haymitch noticed the creature did not move. Moving his head, he found that he could easily move it aside and stand up. Rising to his feet, he gazed at the dead pile of fur. His breathing returned to normal as a cannon sounded in the distance. He whipped around to notice Ed laying there with his eyes and mouth wide open in pain. He was still clutching his bleeding chest. Haymitch could not hold back his tears as he gazed at the sight before him. From the trail of blood, he guessed that Ed had dragged himself to Roarke's side. The two brothers lay next to one another, Ed's hand desperately holding onto his older sibling's.

Going to them, he closed their eyes and mouths. Trying not to hurl, he laid Roarke's bottom half beneath his torso. Now, aside from the blood, it looked as though the pair was sleeping. He returned to the cat's side and retrieved the knife. Ed certainly wouldn't be needing it anymore.


Kree jumped awake at the sound of the first cannon. She glanced around her, noticing Haymitch's knife on the ground. Looking up, she saw Maysilee pacing. Haymitch was nowhere to be found.

"May," the raven haired girl stood, "where's Haymitch?"

"We got a water purifier from a sponser. Haymitch went to get some water for you."

"Then why is his knife still here?"

"He forgot it," the blonde wept, "he forgot it and now he's probably dead!"

"May," Kree snapped, slapping her friend across the cheek, "get a hold of yourself! Haymitch is a smart boy. I highly doubt that cannon shot was for-"

Another cannon sounded in the distance. The girls froze, unable to speak.

Finally, "Come on, May. We're going to go look for him."

Maysilee, still slightly shocked that Kree had actually hit her, nodded and followed.


Haymith knelt beside the water, dipping the purifier into it and filling it up. As he watched, the water in the large bubble changed colors until it finally became clear. He cautiously raised his lips to the spout and took a hesitant sip. The cool liquid coated his tongue and slid down his throat. He gave a sigh of relief after a few minutes of waiting before quickly gulping down the rest of the liquid. He then took the two large water canteens he had retrieved from Roarke and Ed's backpacks (which were lying a few feet away from their bodies) and filled them up with pure water. He then grabbed one of the bags he took from the brothers and placed them in it, along with the purifier.

He glanced up towards the sky, "Thank you."

Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he began his walk back towards the edge of the Arena. Hopefully, the girls were all right.

Then, just as he turned around, he felt something heavy crash into him.


Kree gripped her bat tightly as she came upon a horrific sight. Two boys lay side by side, a large neon blue cat a few feet away. She instantly recognized the creature that had killed Garreth. Scowling, she raised her bat and brought it down upon the beast's head, completely crushing it. Behind her, she heard Maysilee run over to some nearby bushes to puke.

"Come on," she ordered, shouldering the now bloodstained bat, "Haymitch has to be around here somewhere."

Maysilee nodded and pulled out her blowgun, prepping it with a dart. The girls continued to push through the thick trees until they came to a clearing beside the tower. A small lake rested beside it, along with a tall blonde boy.

"Haymitch," Kree cried out, rushing him, "you son of a bitch!"

Haymitch, caught by complete surprise, couldn't prepare himself as she flung herself into his arms. The pair fell to the ground and she hugged him tightly.

"Don't you EVER leave us like that again," she warned, tears slipping past her eye lids, "you hear me?"

Haymitch couldn't find the words as he stared at her in shock. Finally, he gave a small smile and wrapped his arms around her. The moment she felt his embrace, she let the tears come freely.

"We heard the cannons," she sobbed, "and...and I thought that..."

"Come on, Kree," he said softly into her ear, "I thought you had more faith in me than that."

Suddenly, the pair felt another slight weight added to their embrace as Maysilee flung herself onto them with a loud laugh. The trio couldn't stop their laughter as they hugged and held each other tightly.

Suddenly, Kree felt someone grab her chin and force their lips onto hers. She gazed at Haymitch in shock, but did not pull away. Maysilee giggled and backed up a bit, watching as the pair wrapped their arms around one another and shared a beautiful embrace.

When Haymitch finally did break the kiss, he smirked at Kree.

"What was that for?"

"It's my promise," he answered softly, "to never leave you again."

Kree then shared a smile with the blonde, not at all caring that Maysilee sat a few inches away watching their every move.

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