The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


5. Defiance

The group stayed beside Garreth's body well into the afternoon. Maysilee had crossed hi arms overs his chest and laid his head on her lap. Haymitch sat with his back against a tree while Kree paced wordlessly in random directions, constantly wringing her hands. Haymitch had never seen her so upset before. The boy's death had taken a tremendous toll on her.

"Come on," they both turned to gaze at Maysilee with dead eyes, "we can't stay here. The Peacekeepers will be coming for him soon."


The word caught the two blondes by complete surprise.


"We are not going to let them just take him and throw him on some pile like a piece of trash," the raven hair's eyes ignited once again with such a fire that Haymitch was sure he felt the heat, "I will defend him."

"But what will Snow do?"

Kree gave a loud laugh and opened her arms wide, "We are in the Games, May! He knows we won't survive! He can't do shit!"

The three fell into silence for a few seconds before the taller girl knelt down and began digging.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm digging him a grave."

Haymitch didn't say anything, but knelt down to help her. Maysilee, however, refused to move away from the one-eyed boy in her lap. Within an hour and a half, a decent sized hole remained. Haymitch lifted Garreth cradle style and laid him within the grave.

"Wait," Maysilee reached behind her and picked a few of the brightly colored flowers, "let him have these."

The two nodded and stepped back as she placed the tiny bouquet beneath his clasped hands. Kree then started to fill in the hole and the two joined her. As Garreth's body began to disappear, Haymitch left the group to retrieve a large slab of bark. On the smooth interior, he used his knife to carve the words

Here Lies Garreth McCoy

12 Years Old

District 12

The Odds were Never in his Favor

As soon as the grave was filled, he stuck it in the loose earth above where the boy's head was. Kree and Maysilee spent the next half and hour collecting large rocks to outline the grave. The three stood side by side, looking down at their act of pure defiance.

"Come on," Haymitch said, "we can't stay here."

He and Kree turned to walk away, but Maysilee didn't move.


The blonde didn't answer as she lifted three fingers to her lips, kissed them, and then raised them towards the grave. Haymitch and Kree followed in suit.

Suddenly, they heard the rustling of grass behind them. Turning, they met the gazes of two girls and a boy. On their jackets was a large 3. The three District 12 tributes readied their weapons, but watched in shock as the tributes from District 3 walked calmly passed them and stopped at the grave. Then, much to the amazement of their fellow tributes, the three Technology tributes raised their own fingers to their lips and proceeded in raising them to the sky.


"You think we like the fact that we're here," the boy scowled, "our friend was killed for speaking his mind and this kid was killed for the entertainment of the capital."

Kree tightened the grip on her bat, "So you're letting us walk away?"

The boy nodded, "But just this once."

The two groups then turned and went their own separate ways.


"So what's the plan," Maysilee asked after fifteen minutes of walking, "are we still heading to the tower?"

"I say we head for the edge of the Arena," Haymitch said boldly, "I doubt many tributes will find us there."

"Yeah," Kree sneered, "and when they do, we'll have our backs up to a force field. Sorry, but I don't want to die like a trapped rat."

Before Haymitch could retort, a cannon sounded in the distance. The trio froze as two more soon filled the air.

"Fifteen tributes left," Maysilee sighed, "fourteen more murders waiting to happen."

None of them said a word, but began walking once more. The girls fell in line behind Haymitch, allowing him to lead them right past the tower. By the time they had reached the edge of the Arena, five more cannons had been fired off. Now, there were only ten tributes left.

As the group settled in for the night, the Tribute Dedication began to play. Kree looked up, but did not see Shimmer's face.

So, she thought, that bitch is still alive, eh?

One by one, the tributes who had perished that day were displayed. Among them were the tributes from District 3, all four from District 8, a District 5 girl, and with the three Careers that Kree had killed. When Garreth's face shone amongst the stars, the three tributes from District 12 could not help but tear up. Maysilee buried her face in her hands and Kree dug her nose into Haymitch's chest. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly. Whether it be to comfort her or to stop himself from shaking, she didn't know.

"Ten of us left," Maysilee said once the music stopped, "us, Shimmer from District 1, the two boys from District 7, and all four Tributes from District 9."

Haymitch and Kree did not answer her. The three fell into an uneasy silence. Maysilee soon fell asleep with Haymitch and Kree's jackets draped over her. Haymitch stayed awake long into the night, the only sound he made was the intake of breath when he felt Kree curl into his chest and fall asleep. Her arms were wrapped around his torso and her hair tickled his chin as the wind played with it.

Haymitch cautiously looked down at her. In the soft moonlight, she seemed to glow. Her breathing was quiet and soft, and he could feel the heat her body gave off. Moving slowly so he didn't wake her, Haymitch wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. She moaned, but otherwise remained still. Her head lolled backwards and the blonde reached up to support her head. He gazed at her face, noticing a small cut beside her ear. His eyes then traveled down to her lips. Despite having not drank or eaten anything in days, they remained full and perfect.

He had no idea how it happened, but the next moment his lips her pressed softly against hers. The kiss was very short, but it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced. As he pulled back, he guided Kree's head back into the crook of his shoulder.

He then looked up to the sky, where he was positive a camera was watching his every move and displaying it for all the world to see.

"Please," he begged softly, "please. She needs to drink. We need water. Please help her."


Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Haymitch's eyes pulled themselves open. What was that annoying sound? Careful not to wake up Kree, he got up and looked around. suddenly, he noticed something flashing off to his right. Approaching it, he saw it was a small container hooked up to a parachute.

"Oh my god," he said out loud, "we have a sponsor!"

He ran over and ripped the package open. Inside was a small metal object about as long as his hand. Two spouts were on either end of a bubble like container.

"What the hell is this thing?"

"Haymitch," he turned to see Maysilee staring at him in shock, "is that...from a sponsor?!"

"Yeah, but I have no idea what it is."

As the blonde took a closer look, she gasped, "I've read about these things before. I can't remember what they're called, but they're used to purify water!"

Haymitch froze, "Purify water? As in, you can drink it?"

Maysilee nodded. Instantly, Haymitch was on his feet and running as fast as he could.


"Stay with Kree," he called over his shoulder, "I'll be back as soon as i can with water"

Within seconds, he was out of sight. Maysilee sighed and sat down beside her best friend. Suddenly, she froze. A knife lay next to the spot where Haymitch had been laying.

He had forgotten his weapon...and there were still seven other tributes out there!

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