The Second Quarter Quell

Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an other enemy he might face in the arena. Who is this tribute? Find out now! (((Kree Stark belongs to me. Please do not steal her.)))


4. Day 2

The following morning began early for the boys. Their roaring stomachs jolted them from their sleep and reminded them of the need for nourishment. After checking their backpacks and finding nothing, they began to search the Arena for anything edible. However, no matter what they found, Garreth recognized it as a poisonous berry or fruit. Even the water was deadly (as discovered by Haymitch when he noticed a Tribute from District 7 die right after drinking it).

"How are we supposed to survive here," Garreth asked, "are they hoping this year's Games will be short?"

"I don't know, buddy," the taller boy gave him a worried look, "but I think the best hope we have is reaching that tower."

Garreth turned to look at the solitary building. It was very tall, shaped like a cylinder, with what appeared to be a large room at the top.


"What do you hope to find there," he asked, "and what makes you think the other tributes aren't heading there now?"

Haymitch didn't answer him, but began walking towards it.

"Haymitch," Garreth called out, "is it just me or does this place have two moons?"

Haymitch looked up; sure enough, two beautiful moons hung in the sky.

"The Gamemaker was probably drunk," he concluded, "you can't expect these kind of people to take anything seriously. Not even logic."

Garreth laughed, "What's the point of having two moons, though? Surely they did it for a reason."

"Yeah, to make tributes like you stop to spend hours thinking about it and get killed by someone who just blew it off."

"Like you?"

Haymitch stopped and turned to face the one-eyed redhead. A moment of silence passed between them.

"Yeah," the blonde finally answered, "like me."

Garreth merely nodded and began to follow him once more. A pang hit Haymitch right in the chest; he couldn't deny the inevitable. Garreth was going to die. Whether by his hand or another tribute's.


Kree gave a groan as she helped Maysilee out of the hole. Their day had begun a little later, causing the raven haired girl to want to move as soon as possible.

"Why don't we just stay here," Maysilee suggested, "it's safe."

"Yeah, but for how long? How long until someone else finds it? No, we're going to the tower. Come on, May."

As they began walking, they heard two cannon shots. Kree tried her best to ignore them while Maysilee wondered when their shots would sound off into the Arena. The girls walked for many hours, once again stopping every so often to change the bandages on Kree's wound (which was already looking better). Just like the boys, the girls found that everything in the Arena was poison. That just pissed Kree off.

"It's not enough you have us killing each other," she screamed to the sky, "but now you won't even let us eat or drink? What?! You couldn't just cancel the Games this year? Are you hoping it will be over with soon so you can turn your channel back to Caesar fucking Flickerman?"

"Kree," Maysilee pulled on her arm again, "don't scream! What if someone hears?"

"You don't get it, do you May? Someone is always listening. That's the whole point of the Games. We're just entertainment."

"Well then," the girls froze when a new voice reached their ears, "what do you say we entertain the good people of the Capital?"

Kree turned, bat in hand, to face both male tributes from District 2 and one from District 1. She heard Maysilee give a small whimper as she fumbled with her blow gun (which she laced with the poisons from various plants found around the Arena).

"Lookie here, Stone," the larger boy from District 2 took a cautious step forward, tightening his grip on a very large broadsword, "the big mouth from District 12 and her trembling sidekick!"

Stone, the District 1 tribute, gave a throaty laugh as he raised his mace, "Wonder what they were doing last night; all alone in their little hiding place? One can only imagine."

Kree's nose wrinkled in disgust, "Coming from District 1, you would think like that," she then smirked, "Tell me Stone, how's your pretty little sister doing? I heard she volunteered to come to the Games with you. What, did she not want to risk you dying and never fucking her ever again?"

Stone became rigid, a fire igniting in his gaze.

"Now you've done it," Maysilee whimpered, "gone and pissed him off. Why do you always got to run that mouth of yours?"

Before her friend could answer, Stone charged. Swinging his mace, Kree barely brought up her bat in time. The blunt object deflected off the spikes protruding from the Career's weapon.

"May run! I'll hold them off! Get out of here!"

The blonde looked like she was going to argue, but a warning swing from her friend's bat sent her fleeing. As Kree remained to face Stone and the other Careers, she noticed a striking resemblance between him and his sister, Shimmer. Both had beautiful looking hair and piercing eyes. She could easily see his muscles straining themselves to use his weapon. She smirked; he wanted to appear big and bad, but the truth was that he could barely lift his weapon.

The two tributes from District 2 jeered and circled the pair, but did not dare to intervene. Kree kept her eyes focused entirely on the mace, readjusting her grip on the bat.

"Come on, Stone!"

"Just kill her already!"

"Will you two shut the fuck up," the Career snapped, lowering his weapon a little, "I mean, it's not like she's-"

Kree leaped forward and swung her bat at the Career's head. She heard the satisfactory sound of bone cracking and flesh tearing. Stone screamed and grabbed his head, trying to hold back the blood and bits of brain that had begun to squelch out of his cracked skull.

"What do you know," Kree smirked, raising her weapon again while the District 2 boys watched in disbelief, "you do have brains."

There was another swing.


Haymitch stopped at the sound of the cannon firing into the distance.


"Yeah," he said softly, "let's keep moving."

The boys began walking again, pushing branches out of their way as the tower came closer and closer. Haymitch suddenly began to feel very uneasy, and kept checking behind him. Suddenly, two more cannon shots sounded. A few short seconds after that, five more.

Garreth did a quick head count, "There's 21 of us left."

"Yeah...I know."

The boys didn't say much beyond that, walking the next half an hour in utter silence. Haymitch wondered who had died, silently hoping that Kree was okay. The raven haired girl stuck in his mind like a sore thumb. Her every feature was imprinted into his subconscious, not that he minded. He recalled watching her as she trained, how lady-like she was when she ate, and how she had fallen asleep on the couch after a hard day's session.

"HAYMITCH," Garreth's scream pulled him from his fantasies, "LOOK OUT!"

The younger boy yanked his friend's arm to try and help him avoid the neon blue blur charging them at rapid speed. Haymitch pulled out his knife and prepared himself for the worst.

"What the hell," Garreth took a step back, "what is that thing?!"

Haymitch didn't answer. He didn't even know what it was! The creature before them was giant. It resembled a lioness, but had the scales of a snake. At the end of its tail was a long piece of shining steel, much like a blade. The lioness snarled as it slunk forward. Haymitch instinctively pulled Garreth behind him. The blue cat hissed and struck out with four terribly long claws. Haymitch attempted to back up, but bumped into Garreth instead. The feline's claws dug into his shoulder, ripping flesh away from the bone.


Garreth pulled his friend back and leaped forward with his ax. The lioness blocked the attack with a flick of its tail. Haymitch grabbed his shoulder, attempting to stop the bleeding. Suddenly, Garreth gave a cry of pain and landed beside his fellow tribute. Haymitch knelt down beside him to see what was wrong.

Then, he hurled.

Garreth's left arm was missing from the elbow down. Blood spurted onto the grass and began to pool around him. Behind him, Haymitch could hear the lioness crunching what remained of his friend's arm. The ax was tossed aside by the creature as the blonde tore off his belt and tied it above the wound to attempt to stop the blood flow. Garreth continued to moan as his remaining arm was draped around Haymitch's shoulders and he was dragged to his feet. Forgetting his own wound, the taller boy began to run as fast as he could. Behind him, the lioness finished its meal and began to follow them. Haymitch grunted as a blue paw reached out and grasped his ankle, pulling both him and his injured comrade down. Garreth screamed again as his stub hit the earth. Haymitch was on his feet in a matter of moments, swiping at the cat's paws with his knife. Once, he succeeded in stabbing the creature in the arm, sending dark pink blood spraying onto his clothes.

The lioness hissed and leaped forward, knocking Haymitch aside with the back of its paw. The blonde tumbled into a tree, where he lay dazed. Through his hazy vision, he could see the creature bearing down upon Garreth. He tried to move, but his limbs refused to respond. The animal growled deep in its throat, its jaws opening wide enough to fit around Garreth's head.

Suddenly, it reared back in surprise. An angry scream, followed by a dull thumping sound, filled the air as two girls charged the animal. Haymitch's vision cleared and he instantly recognized the raven hair and the blonde beside it. Kree swung with her bloodstained bat, catching the creature in the jaw.


The following roar was gurgled and filled with pain. The lioness, its dislocated jaw dangling open, glared at the girls and backed farther into the trees before turning to flee.

"Kree," Haymitch breathed in relief, "Maysilee! You girls are okay!"

"Garreth," Maysilee screamed in utter shock as she knelt down besides the boy, "hang on! You're going to be okay!"

Garreth's single eye opened slowly and he smiled at the three faces around him, "Hey guys."

Kree noticed how pale he was, trying hard to hold back tears. This couldn't be happening. This can't be happening.

"No," she said, her cheeks becoming wet, "not you, kiddo. Not you."

"Hey," Garreth smirked, speaking quietly, "we all knew I wouldn't survive long. I just want you all to know...I was proud to participate in these Games...with such a great group of friends."

Haymitch clenched his jaw, his bottom lip quivering. Maysilee watched as the light faded from her friend's eyes.

"The o-odds," he breathed, "are n-never in your-"

Haymitch let out a mournful cry and reached forward to close the boy's eye. Maysilee wailed as she fell upon his chest, searching in vain for that familiar "da-dump da-dump" of a heartbeat. Rage contorted Kree's face as she leaped to her feet, raising her bat in the air.

"He was just a kid, you mother fuckers! He was just a little boy!," and with that, she fell to her knees and screamed at the top of her lungs, "WHY?!"

Far off in the distance, a cannon sounded.

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