On the way up to heaven - 1D One shot

It had now been one year since Niall died. Demi Horan's life had been just normal until a few weeks ago, when she started hearing these voices in her head.


1. On the way up to heaven

It had now been one year since Niall Horan died. Demi Horan's life had been just normal until a few weeks ago, when she started hearing these voices in her head. The voices weren’t very nice; they often told her commit suicide. Demi tried her best to ignore the voices, but as the days went on, they got to her.

She was now in the bathroom searching for anything that could take the voices away. Her hand fumbled through the pills under the sink. She finally reached some, and immediately took a handful. She fell to the floor.

Her oldest grandchild; Theo, heard it and ran to the bathroom, knocking angrily on the door. “Grandma, please open the door!” His aunt had tried to kill herself before, so Theo immediately knew what was going on. The adrenalin was running through his veins, and before he could think, he had knocked the door over. He stepped inside, and on the floor, right in front of the door, laid aunt Demi.  “Help!” He shouted.  Theo’s mum; Denise, came rushing down the stairs. Before he even got the chance to tell what was wrong, his mother knew. She ran to kitchen, and grabbed the phone and dialled an ambulance.

It didn’t take long for the ambulance to get to the house. They rushed Demi out the door, and Denise quickly gathered all the children in the car, and then they were off to the hospital.

At the hospital they weren’t allowed to see Demi, until Denise had signed some paperwork.

Denise, filled all the things she could, and they were led to Demi's room by a nurse.

“Do you know if she’ll survive?” Denise asked. “I’m sorry, but it was a strong overdose. We didn’t have a chance to get it out of her system.” Dr. Blue said.

Denise looked behind her, where all her children stood. “Mummy, what’s wrong?”  Little Ashton asked. “Sweet cheeks, your grandma isn’t here anymore.” Ashton just stood there confused. “What do you mean, mummy?” Ashton asked. Theo pulled him in for a hug, as he whispered: “She’s on the way up to heaven.”

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