Auction ( niall horan fanfic)

I stood at the club stage behind the curtains . " welcome to the auction !" Yelled a man . What !? I'm in an auction !?

" do I here one thousand !" Said the man . " $100,000 !" Yelled a thick Irish accent .

" I own you now .you must do what I say " he whispered


5. punishment

Liberty's POV

For the whole way it was quiet .

" so liberty tell me about yourself "

"I'm not talking to a stranger about my personal life " i mumbled .

" that's it ! I had enough of your stupid little attitude ! "

We made it to his place . Niall pulled me by the hair from outside to his bedroom.

" Niall please stop you're hurting me !" I cried

" after your puinishment !"

He pushed me to the bed and slapped me across my face .

I whimpered .

He hit me a couple times in the face and stomach .

" NIALL PLEASE STOP ! " I cried . I was laying at the corner crying .

I heard the door slamm . Niall was gone .I felt the bruises in my face and stomach .

I was just trying to stand up for myself . But I couldn't .it's like if I was getting bullied .

I know The feeling of being bullied .

In high school I was bullied for two years . I been kicked a lot .

I tried to get up but I couldn't . So I just layed at the floor .

I wish I was dead already .

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