Auction ( niall horan fanfic)

I stood at the club stage behind the curtains . " welcome to the auction !" Yelled a man . What !? I'm in an auction !?

" do I here one thousand !" Said the man . " $100,000 !" Yelled a thick Irish accent .

" I own you now .you must do what I say " he whispered


11. don't talk about her

Liberty's POV

As Niall yanked me up the stairs I heard someone got up from his chair .

"Niall don't you dare !" Growled zayn .

Niall turned his head to see zayn .

My wrist started to hurt .

" you can't tell me what to do !" Yelled Niall

As Niall was about to open the door zayn screamed out .

" Is this about Isabelle !" Zayn shouted .

The boys gasped .

Who's Isabelle ?

" what did you said ?"

" you heard me !"

Niall finally let go of my wrist .

I looked at it . It had a purple mark

I looked up still rubbing my wrist .

Niall grabbed zayn by his collar .


Niall punched zayn in the face which cause zayn to bleed from his mouth .niall came up to me . And pulled me from the same wrist that hurts .

We went to his room . He slammed the door and sat on his bed .

He tHrough his hair back .

He then yelled .

Niall punched the wall which made a hole . He grabbed a lamp and through it at the floor rough which cause the glass to jump . And hit me and I got a bad cut .

I whimpered and fell to the floor .

Niall turned to see what happened

His face was furious but when he saw the cut his face got soften

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