Auction ( niall horan fanfic)

I stood at the club stage behind the curtains . " welcome to the auction !" Yelled a man . What !? I'm in an auction !?

" do I here one thousand !" Said the man . " $100,000 !" Yelled a thick Irish accent .

" I own you now .you must do what I say " he whispered


18. at the station

Liberty's POV

" so what are you gonna wear for our date ?" Asked Niall

" just a sweater and boots . Why ?"

" you are not wearing that . We need to talk to the police and go to your friends' house so you can pack since you now live with me . Plus we won't be here for 2 days ."

" what ? Why ? Where are we going ?"

" it's a surprise . And you'll be needing a bikini ."

" okay ."

" let's go to the police station "

I nodded

" are you speaking the truth ms.tanner ?"

" yes . That is what happened . Got kidnapped . Niall saved me "

" okay . just make sure next time you are safe ."

" thank you " I said .

Niall and I got up and left the station .

" you ready to go to your friends' house ?"

" yeah "

" but don't tell your friends what really happened."

" I won't tell them ."

Does Niall trust me ?

We finally made it to Abby's and Mia's house .

We got out of the Car and walked to the porch .

I sighed and pushed the doorbell .

I was nervous . I haven't seen them for weeks !

How would they react ? Will they be happy and cry ? Or will they be mad and try to never let me out ?

My thoughts were broken when I heard the door opening .

Is saw the beautiful brown hair and then saw ... Abby .

Sorry is short ~ Rossi

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