Auction ( niall horan fanfic)

I stood at the club stage behind the curtains . " welcome to the auction !" Yelled a man . What !? I'm in an auction !?

" do I here one thousand !" Said the man . " $100,000 !" Yelled a thick Irish accent .

" I own you now .you must do what I say " he whispered


21. alone time 💋


Liberty's POV

" thanks for letting me hang out with my friends "

I said

" sure thing babe " He said with his arm around my waist .

He opened the door and when we got in we saw Harry and louis making out !

" oh god !" I said covering my eyes giggling

" get a room you two !" Niall said chuckling .

They got their shirts and went to a room .

I started to laugh .

" you're so cute when. You laugh " Niall said

I blushed

" aww honey are you blushing ?" Niall chuckled

I blushed even more and I covered my face

" don't cover your face ! You're do cute when you blush ."

" stop it you are making me blush even more "

I said uncovering my face

" exactly " Niall smirked and kissed my lips . I kissed him back and I wrapped my arm around his neck . His arms were at my waist .

He started to lift my shirt . I broke the kiss

" Niall not here . We'll be caught ."

" like the way we caught Harry and louis ?"

" let's take this upstairs ." I smirked

So did Niall

Niall kissed me and carried me bridal styles .

He carried me upstairs and into our room .

He laid me gently on the bed and lift my shirt. I took his shirt off .niall kissed my neck . I let out a moan . I felt him smirk .

He took my bra off .he went down and kissed my stomach. I played with his hair . He came back up . And kissed my lips .

" you're so beautiful " he whispered

I kissed him .

" let's go to sleep babe " he said

I nodded

We cuddled up and went to sleep


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