Auction ( niall horan fanfic)

I stood at the club stage behind the curtains . " welcome to the auction !" Yelled a man . What !? I'm in an auction !?

" do I here one thousand !" Said the man . " $100,000 !" Yelled a thick Irish accent .

" I own you now .you must do what I say " he whispered


20. a day with Mia & Abby

" Niall ?"

" yeah babe ?"

" is it okay if I stay over my friends house just for two hours ?"

" sure babe . Just don't tell them "

I squealed and hugged him

" thanks Niall and don't worry I won't tell them "

I kissed him on the cheek

" I'll pick you up to 5hours " Niall winked ,started the engine and drove off .

I ran inside to the girls house

" I'm staying for only five hours . Because then Niall will pick me up at..."

I. Checked the time . 12 PM

" 6PM"

" cool " said Mia

" wanna watch some of our favorite movies ?" Asked Abby

" yes ! I'll make the popcorn !!" I squealed running to the kitchen

Mia took out our top 10 favorite movies

1- titanic

2-monsters inc.

3- grown ups

4- frozen

5-scary movie 3

6-breaking dawn part 2

7-blue lagoon the awaking

8- the outsiders

9-despicable me 2

10- Lilo and stitch

Don't judge if some of them are childish

" we'll let liberty choose the first one . Then Mia. Last me !" Said Abby

I looked at the movies

" I choose the outsiders . Mia what do you choose ?"

" blue lagoon the awaking . You Abby ?"

" scary movie 3 " she giggled

After we watched our movies the girls helped me pack because I needed to get ALL my stuff because I live with Niall . Obviously .

We only had one hour left to see each other .

We decided to do our nails .

After our day of hanging out we said our goodbyes . Niall helped me with my stuff .

" I'll miss you guys !" I said hugging them

" we'll miss you too !" Abby said

" see you later sis " said Mia

I got in niall's car and we drive off

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