Our Marriage Life

~Sequel to Remember Me~
It is their marriage life. Will they be a happy couple or someone will try to ruin their relationship between trust, faith and love. Find out more.... (Warning sexual content)


7. Chapter 7

Louis POV

I went to call up Jade. She picked up on the third ring. "Hello Jade this is Louis." I said with a little nervous." "Oh hey Louis! What's up?" She said. "Are you free today? You wanna hang?" I said. "Sure." She said. "I'll pick you up at 3." I said and hang up. I went to my closet and freak out. What am I going to wear!

I called Diana because she always know fashion. "Hey Louis what's up!" She said excitingly. "Hey Di! I'm going on a date and I don't know what to wear." I said. "Don't worry I'll be there in a few." She said and hung up. A few minutes later there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see Diana and her big belly. "Wow Diana you've grown." I said and got hit in the arm. "Come in." I said and directed her to my room.

"Wow Louis your place is such a mess." She said. I just smiled and rubbed my neck. She went to my closet and picked up a pair of jeans, vans t-shirt and vans shoe. "That's all?" I said. "Lou you're just going to the park." She said. I pick the clothes and changed. I quiff up my hair and rolled my sleeve and jeans. I went outside and Diana said "I'm good at this." I just smiled and wore my vans.

I sent Diana homed and waved her goodbye. "Goodluck with your date." She said. "Thanks." I said and drive off. I went to Jade's house to pick her up. When I reached her house, I knocked on her door and see her wearing black tank top and short jeans. "Hi." She said. "Hey. Are you ready?" I said And she nodded. She wore her black high cut converse and we drove off.

Diana POV

I opened up my front door. I went to my room to see Zayn is in the bathroom. Suddenly his phone beep. I looked at it and saw 'Ariana' saying 'Where are you babe I miss you'. When I saw the text I was shocked. Zayn came out from the bathroom and was about to kiss me but I turned away. "What is this?" I said showing the text message. Zayn was shocked. "Babe that's nothing." He stuttering.

"So you just went out with a girl while I was pregnant!" I yelled at him. "Baby please I'm sorry it didn't mean it." He said grabbing my hand. I yank it out and went to the door.inturned around and say "Have fun with your new girl. I will meet you at court tomorrow we're divorcing." Zayn was shocked. When I was about to open the door, my stomach is aching. I look down and I see that my water just broke. I was shocked.

Zayn came to me and help me. I pushed him away, "I don't need your help. I will call Louis." I cant teach my phone because it was so pain. Zayn was worried so he picked me up bridal style and went to the nearest hospital.

Hey guys sry for the long update. Lots of stuff going in at my school. I will update ASAP. Bye love you guys. Fav it. Thanks.

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