Our Marriage Life

~Sequel to Remember Me~
It is their marriage life. Will they be a happy couple or someone will try to ruin their relationship between trust, faith and love. Find out more.... (Warning sexual content)


6. Chapter 6

Diana POV

I was now 6 months pregnant. Time flew so fast. I was so nervous about giving birth to this baby. I went downstairs and saw a half naked Zayn watching football. I sit beside him and hugged him.

"Hey baby." Zayn said kissing my forehead. "Hey." I said. While watching the football match, Zayn can't stop rubbing my stomach. I get bored and pushed Zayn hand aside and walked outside to get fresh air. I was looking at some flower when I felt a hand behind my back.

"Have fun?" Zayn said while kissing my neck. I let out a moan. "Zayn please not now our neighbors can heard us." I said while giggling. Zayn turned me around and kneeling down to hear the baby. I just looked at his cuteness. He put his hand at my stomach and the baby started kicking.

"OMG! I think the baby likes you!" I said smiling. "Ya I can't wait for Zayn junior to be here." He said proudly. "Zayn junior? What if it's Diana junior?" I said. "If it's Diana junior I will make her the best princess ever." He said. I smiled and kissed him. "You're going to be a great father Zayn." I said smiling from the kiss.

I'm having a great life. With Zayn with me I felt safe. We went inside and make some coffee for me and Zayn. I went out to the living room to see Zayn sleeping. I think his tired. "Baby go upstairs and sleep." I said stroking his cheeks. "Mmm...." He groaned. He woke up and went upstairs. "Babe come cuddle with me." He said making a puppy face. "I will be there." I said smiling.

After I finished cleaning up the mess, I went upstairs and lay beside Zayn. He turned around and wrap his arms around my belly. "I love you Diana." He whispered. "I love you Zayn." I said and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up and look myself in the mirror. OMG I look so big. I rub my belly and thought to myself, I hope when I already gave birth to this child I will be slim again. I hear groaning from the bed. Zayn woke up and walked towards me. He kissed me passionately. I pulled off and said "Zayn I'm craving for white chocolate." I said making a puppy face. "You get ready and I will bring you to the mall and you can have all the chocolate you want." He said and I giggled hitting his arm.

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