Our Marriage Life

~Sequel to Remember Me~
It is their marriage life. Will they be a happy couple or someone will try to ruin their relationship between trust, faith and love. Find out more.... (Warning sexual content)


5. Chapter 5

Diana POV

"Zayn didn't you have a upcoming tour or something?" I asked him. When he heard the question he choked down the pizza. He coughed out and I gave him some water. "Why did you suddenly asked me about the boys?" He replied. "Nothing. I just want to know. The last time I saw them is on our wedding day. I missed them so much." I said.

I listen to him talking about the boys while I eating the pizza. After he had told me everything I said "why don't you ask the boys to come and visit us sometimes?" Zayn agreed with me. "I call them tomorrow." He said and I nodded. We went upstairs to get some sleep.

~The next morning~

I woke up with a sleepy Zayn beside me. I pulled off my cover and went to the bathroom. After I finished showering, Zayn's phone is ringing. I look at the caller ID, it was Louis. I smiled widely. "Hi Louis!" I shout. "DIANA!!" He replied and mimicking my voice. "I miss you so much!!" I said. "Me too love and by the way you look so beautiful on the wedding day. Congrats! Zayn is a lucky guy to have you." He said. I was blushing and reply him with a simple thanks.

We've been talking to each other non stop until Zayn awake. He walked behind me and wrap his arms around me. "Who is it babe?" He asked. "It's Louis." I replied. He snatch his phone and talked to Louis. I went downstairs to make breakfast for us. Minutes later, Zayn went down and said "The boys are coming in 10 minutes. I smiled and put the plate in front of him. After we finished our breakfast, I took the plate to wash it. Zayn came behind me and started to kiss my neck. "Zayn please stop it tickled." I giggled. "I know you like it." He said. "But you like this!" I took some of the water and splash at him. Now his face is covered with water. "Oh you so naughty baby you will get it!" He yelled. I ran around the counter table and suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

"You will get it baby." Zayn said. I stick my tongue out and he smirked. Zayn opened the door and revealing the boys. "ZAYN! DIANA!!" They shouted. I ran and hugged them. Me and Zayn let them go and we invite them in the house. "Nice house." Louis said. "Thanks." Me and Zayn said in unison. We sat down and talked about their first auditioned on X Factor. I laughed at some of the moment they do on the video diaries. After we finished, chatting I whispered to Zayn to tell the boys about my pregnancy. He nodded and said "Boys I have something important to tell you guys." They stop their conversation and face us. "What is so important mate?" Louis asked. "I want to tell you guys that Diana is pregnant!" Zayn yelled in excitement. They all look excited except for Louis. Why isn't he happy?

Louis POV

I was shocked hearing that Diana is pregnant. I was so happy for her yet I felt upset because I feel in love with her on her wedding day. She looks so beautiful with the white lacy dress and her flawless face. I feel like kissing her but she's with Zayn. I can't tell Zayn that he will be upset. I excused myself to the bathroom. I got out to the bathroom and saw Diana stood infront of me. "Why aren't you happy for me being pregnant?" Diana asked. "I'm happy for you." I replied. "No you're not when Zayn said that I'm pregnant you look upset." She said. "Actually Diana I've been wanted to tell you this." I said. She just nodded. "The truth is I love you." I said and her eyes widened. "Louis you know I'm married and pregnant right?" She said. "Yes I know but the first time I saw you, you look so beautiful." I said while blushing. "Look Lou I know you love me but you need to move in and find someone else I'm already married and I don't want Zayn to know that and I don't want you to ruin my relationship with Zayn." She said.

I look to the floor and feel guilty. She's right maybe I need to move on and find a perfect girl for me. "I'm sorry Lou I hope you will find someone better than me." She smiled. I nodded and went out to the living room where the boys sat. After we finished our conversation we went home. I thought to myself I should find someone better.

We arrived at our house. I walked in side and went straight to my room. I lay down and I can't stop thinking about Diana. She so beautiful. But the words she said to me can't get out of my head. I'm so stressed right now. I went downstairs and took my jacket. I need to calm myself down. I went to the nearest Starbucks and get myself an expresso.

I opened the door to leave when someone hit me and the coffee spill on my shirt. "OMG I'm so sorry." A sweet voice said. I looked up and I think I was drooling. She so beautiful with her green eyes and flawless face. "Oh no I mess up your shirt. Let me help you clean it up." She said while taking the tissue out of her pocket. "Nevermind it's ok. I was about to throw this shirt away." I said and she giggled. She's cute when she giggle like bubbles. "I'm so sorry for your coffee and shirt. Here take this to buy you a new cup of coffee." She said. I took money out of her hand and put it in her pocket. "I shouldn't take money from girls it would not be so gentlemen." I said and she just smiled.

"What's your name? She asked me. "Louis. What's yours?" I replied. "Jade." She said. I shook her hand. "We could meet up sometime." I said. She just nodded and took my phone away from my grip. "Here's my number." She said and left. I just to myself. Diana's right I can find someone better than her. Well not better, Diana is still perfect to me.

I returned home and went upstairs to get some rest. I messaged Diana. "Hey Di I found someone and her name is jade she's so sweet." I send her the text messaged. Minutes later my phone light up. I swipe it to look at the messaged. "Congrats Lou! Hope you get along with her well." I smiled at the message that she sent me. "But you still in my heart." I pressed sent. My phone light up again and she said "Louis please no I'm with Zayn now and I'm getting a baby in a few months time. I'm sorry Lou." I looked at it and didn't replied back. I threw my phone away and drifted off to sleep.

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