Our Marriage Life

~Sequel to Remember Me~
It is their marriage life. Will they be a happy couple or someone will try to ruin their relationship between trust, faith and love. Find out more.... (Warning sexual content)


3. Chapter 3

Zayn POV

I can't believe that she is pregnant. I'm so excited. But it's too early for me and her. Come on she's only 19 and I'm 21 and now we're having a baby. I think it's too fast cuz on that day before we were getting married I have sex with her without using a condom.

I went downstairs seeing her sitting in the couch watching Not Another Teen Movie while eating popcorn. I went and sit beside her. I put my arms around her and she put her head at my chest. Believe me it feels like heaven. Suddenly she asked me a question "Babe will you take care of me and the baby?" "Baby I will took care of you and the baby for the rest if my life." I said. She looked up and kissed me lightly.

We slept through out the whole movie. I woke up and saw Diana sleeping so soundly. I got up and carried her upstairs. I gently put her on the bed. I lay beside her and wrap my arms around her waist. We drifted off to sleep.

~The next morning~

I woke up and saw that Diana was not beside me. I ran downstairs and shout her name "Diana!! Where are you!!" Suddenly I smell something delicious. Mmm... Bacon my favorite. I went to the kitchen and saw Diana in one of my clothes and she was cooking breakfast for me. She looks hot.

I went to her and hug her from the back. "You know you don't have to shout my name. I'm just right here." She said. "I'm sorry I thought you leave me." I said. She turned around and cupped my face. "Aww.... Baby you know that I will never leave you." She said while cupping my face and kissed me. I smiled.

"Do you want breakfast?" She asked me. I nodded. "Cook yourself there's the stove." She said while giggling. "What?!?! I thought you're gonna cook for me." I said. "When did I said that?" She asked me. I started to tickle her. She push me away and run. I chase her around the counter.

"Caught you!" I yelled. I put her down and turn her around. She was laughing, man I love her laughter. It's so cute. I went closer and kissed her neck. "Now will you cook for me?" I asked. "No. You need to share it with me." She said. I smiled and took the plate and place it on the counter.

After we finished eating, we went to the living room and talked about the first time we met.


It was the first day of high school. Man I hate school urghh... I went to my first class that was chemistry. I went to the lab and approach the teacher. "You late Mr. Malik." Mr Luke said to me. "I'm sorry. I'm lost just now." I replied. "Nevermind since you're new here I will give you chance." He said. "Class this is Zayn Malik. He is the new student." Everyone greeted me with a smile. "Now Zayn you will sit beside Diana." I nodded and walked off.

I sat beside Diana and she introduced herself "Hi I'm Diana. Nice to meet you." She said. I looked at her and saw her smile. Wow she look so beautiful. "Hi I'm Zayn." I said. The bell has rung and I packed my things in my bag.

I went out from the classroom and Diana was chasing me. "Zayn wait!!" She yelled. I stop and turned around. "Would you like to go and get some coffee?" She asked. OMG she just asked me out. I thought it suppose to be the other way round. Nevermind who cares. "Ya sure I would love too." I said.

(End of flashback)

We were laughing about the first time we met. "Actually I was about to ask you out to coffee but I'm to scared you will reject me." I said while laughing. "Awww that's so sweet but sorry I was the one making the first move hahahaha...." She said.

I looked at her smiling. I went closer to her and kiss her softly. Her lips is so soft. I pulled out and carry her upstairs. I threw her on bed and kiss her deeply. Suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up and said "What do you want? I'm just about to have sex with my wife." "Mum!!! I didn't know you were calling. I thought it was one of the boys." I saw Diana was laughing with her mouth closed.

I hung off the phone and said "You will get it hard." "Dare me Malik." She said. I tickled her and she was laughing. Suddenly she accidentally slapped me, "Ow!! What was that for!" I yelled in pain. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry babe. I didn't mean it." She said while grabbing me cheek. "Well it was your fault. You shouldn't have tickled me." She said while folding her arms.

I took one of her hand and kissed it. "I'm sorry baby." I said pouting my lips. She turned and face me. She kissed me softly and I lay her down on bed. She smiled in the middle of the kiss. She pushed me beside her and said "Go to bed. I'm sleepy." I nodded and wrap my arms around her waist. I kissed her forehead and we drifted to sleep.

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