Our Marriage Life

~Sequel to Remember Me~
It is their marriage life. Will they be a happy couple or someone will try to ruin their relationship between trust, faith and love. Find out more.... (Warning sexual content)


1. Chapter 1

Diana POV

We reached our new house. I got off the limo and Zayn came running behind me and carried me bridal style. "Put me down Zayn I can walk." I said. "You walk to slow because I can't wait to pleasure you when we get in." He said with a smirked in his face.

He opened the door and he closed the door with his feet. We went upstairs and Zayn is struggling to open the door. I giggled. When we got inside, he throw me in the bed and kissing me. He tried to open my dress but I stop him. He looked at me confused. "Be right back." I said.

I pushed him off of me and went to the bathroom. I took out my black lingerine and put it on. I spray some perfume and I look hot and nice. I went out from the bathroom and Zayn is all ready for me. He put in some romantic music and he is just wearing a boxer.

I came up to him and said "Are you ready to pleasure me?" He groaned and pulled me into a passionate kiss. He flip us and now he is on top of me. He went through my neck and suck them to leave marks. He went down further and stop at my thigh.

He pulled my underwear. "So wet and soft. So ready for me." He put his finger in me and I moaned." You like that baby huh?" I nodded and said "Faster Z-Zayn." He went faster and put another finger in me. He took it off and lick some of my juices. "You taste so good."

He pull of his boxer and I kept staring at it. "Like the view down there Mrs Malik?" "Yes and I'm wondering what it's taste like too." I kneel down and he pulled me up. "Woah not now please today is just about you only." I nodded and smiled. He pushed me on the bed and put his shaft in me. "Zayn!" I moaned.

This is the first time we did sex without condom. So he kept on thrusting faster and harder. "Ah!!! Zayn I'm going to cum." "Just let it go baby!" I let out my juices so did Zayn. He lay beside me and said "This is the best first night ever." I smiled and he kissed my forehead. He pulled me into a hug and we drifted to sleep.

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