Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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27. :)


The ladies had made a amazing lunch and we were back to our days events. Jasper and I were helping my brother.

Train the boys their position is hard to be in. they are in control of an entire species. that's a lot to handle for young boys but if my brother and Ryley can do it I'm sure they can. But the only way that'll happen is if Ryley and Tyson die and I don't think they plan to any time soon.

I stopped to check on my number one girls. The day Eve told me that she was a pergo I was ecstatic. And the day Niall was born and I held my beautiful daughter was the best day of my life. No boy is touching my little girl mate or not. She will not get pregnant till she is 30.

I walked into the kitchen but didn't find the girls. I searched the entire castle but nothing. I Mind linked the entire male half of the family. The same thing was happening with all of them. The women were awall and had block our connection. My next plan was to call Eve when it went to voicemail I called Niall same thing. I was getting scared what if something happened to my mate and daughter I would bloody lose it and same goes with the rest of the guys.


"Ok girls now that we've learned about how to be a proper mate. It's time to learn to be a pain in the A$$ mate" my Auntie Ryley said with a smirk. "what do you mean Auntie Ryley?" my younger sister, Lilly asked. The older women looked at each other smirked then looked back at us."Before we tell you girl turn of your ringers and put your phones in this safe." My Auntie Echo said. We did so "Ok next disconnect your mind link" my auntie Eve said. We did after giving them a confused look. My mom walked away and then came back a. Few minutes later "All clear" she said " We're going shopping" the older women said in unison. "ok two simple rules. 1. If the guys try to contact you you kept the block up at all costs. we want them to squirm. Cause an angry mate results In the best mating. ( we all giggled) 2. There are no other rules. let's go. I Call the Ferrari." said Ryley as she ran up the door. "Fine but I call the camero" Yelled my mother. those two are totally bestfriends. About 3 hours later I felt a push on my brain. It was my dad trying to mind link me. "Stay strong girls" said Echo. We had already went to 30 store and we still going cause we had unlimited money and we had people to deliver or stuff to the castle. This was fun but I don't think we are supposed to do this, cause if we were then we would be talking to the guys.

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