Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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7. Your my Mate?


I was out for a run when I saw to wolves play fighting. The two wolves were to big to be real, meaning they were Were. The female was winning before I distracted her and her brother I assume took advantage of the time and pinned her. I then thought to leave and left them.

Before long I had the slightest feeling some thing was following me. I turned no one was there, I kept walking and the feeling came back. I turned around and the female was standing inches away from me. She was beautiful and she reminded me of someone very dear to me. Soon the wolf was rubbing her head against my neck almost looked like we were cuddling. At first I froze in shock but I felt right to me so I did the same. After a few minutes of doing this I realized what was happening, I had found my mate once again. I had known who my mate was since the age of three she was my best friend and the princess of our kind. She was so beautiful then and probably now. I tried out my suspicion of who she was by our mine link.

"Ryley is that you?" She took a few steps away from me "how do you know who I am?" She asked with her voice that was a soft as warm honey "My sweet I know you because we used to be best friends and you are my mate." She shook her head "Then why didn't you see me ever?" "On your 1st birthday was the day I figured out you were my mate and your birth parents realized it to, so the queen forbid me from seeing you because if you and I staid together when your parents died you would have became queen at a very young age" I said holding back tears. She nodded and asked me one final question before she left " What is your Name?" "Tyson, my name is Tyson" and she ran towards were she had left her brother.

(Ryley's POV)

I had found my mate an his name was Tyson. Soon after I said his name a flashback started

I was standing watching three children play. There was a girl who looked like me, a boy that looked like Jasper and there was a boy with black hair and beautiful green eyes. Behind them sat two women watching the kids, which I assumed was their moms.

I was snapped back to reality by Jasper who was in his human form and dressed "so did you find him?" I nodded as a tear rolled down my face.He throw me some clothes and I ran behind a tree to change. I came back with more tears on my face. "Hey sis what happened?" "Nothing just had a sad flashback that's all!" He shrugged and we walked back home. When I had finally calmed down Jasper asked one more question, "what's his name?" "Tyson"

Picture of Tyson*


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