Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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8. What is that?

It's been a week since my encounter with Tyson and I have so many questions to ask. I have not seen him in the forest, I have started to worry.

(Jasper's POV)

Since Ryley saw Tyson she has been acting weird. School started in 10 minutes and se still wasn't down stairs and our parents were gone to work already. "Ryley you have wolf speed and your still taking forever to come downstairs" " sorry, I put my music on and I almost blow my ears out so give me a break." I shrugged "why don't you drive your self to school today" "k"

I jumped into my blue dodge truck, that is when Ryley ran out and jumped into he pink Ferrari. I let her go first because in her car she drives really fast. We arrived at school and my friend Tyson was leaning against the wall by the doors. "Hey Jasper where were you on your birthday I came to give you your present but your mom said you were missing" "Ya My sister and I went for a walk and got lost so we stayed in a near by cave till the morning then walked back" "well that sounds fun" " you don't know the half of it." We made our way to our first class. We ha made it to my class and that was when we said our goodbyes. Tyson said goodbye and went to his first class.

I spent my entire first period thinking about how Tyson's scent smelt familiar, but it wasn't because we were friend it was something else. By the end of the day I still hadn't figured it out,

(Tyson's POV)

I was sitting in fourth period when I thought about how I don't know Jasper's sisters name or what she looks like, I thought that I could text Jasper and see if we could hang out at his house "Hey you want to hang out?" " sure where?" " how bout your house?" " k but my sister is having her best friend over so be warned" " it's all good I love girls" "very funny you know what I meant" " ya and you low what I meant"

I meet up with Jasper at his truck he was talking to two girls one of them look like a girl version of Jasper but in a good way the only difference was her brown hair from where I was standing. The girls hopped into the Ferrari beside Jasper's truck, I ran so I could jump into the truck. "Tyson your lucky you ran or we would have been farther behind my sister then we already were." I had no idea what he meant till we were breaking the speed limit to stay remotely close to the girls. We got to the house in 10 minutes flat the girl was fast and I liked that. My wolf got made at me he know that I had a mate and shouldn't be looking at other girls. "Tyson come on man let's go to the game room, the girls are going to the spa room so they won't bug us" " I wouldn't mind if they did!" Jasper rolled his eyes and kept walking.

(Ryley's POV)

Mia and I were getting ready for the spa and the boys were I the room next door playing games, with meant to boy troubles. We were about to leave when Mia shrieked "what is that? Is that a tattoo?" I looked at her with confusion " Mia what are you talking about?" She pulled out her phone and took a picture of my back. "This is what I'm talking about" she showed me a picture of a tribal piece that went from below my waist line up my side to my neck and at the bottom it curled to the front of me. I looked down to see that it just stopped where me stomach started. That is when the boys came in with a defensive posture. The boy with Jasper looked pissed when he saw my markings. I quickly covered myself up realizing that I was almost show off my entire body to my brother and his friend " Jasper we will talk about this later take your friend and GET OUT" "Ok Ryley just don't let mom see those markings or she will take away your car keys" " wasn't planning on showing anyone but that plan was changes when you and your very pissed off friend barged in" " sorry thought you two we in danger we heard Mia scream" " Its ok Jasper just get out" the boys exited the room and that is when I realized that Jasper's friend was Tyson my mate.

Ryley's markings*


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