Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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25. uh oh


"JAX I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" I heard as my sister ran down the hall chasing our cousin. I walked up to Jax's twin, Allison. "What he do this time?" "Oh Jax was being Jax and while she wasn't home put blue hair dye in her shampoo." She said rolling her eyes. "Well he's in deep shit" I said with a small chuckle. Jax's pranks were a regular assurance around the Castle. "Ace can you please come downstairs" I heard my dad yell. I raced down the spiral stair case and into the office. "Hey dad what's up?" "Alright two questions why is your sisters hair slightly blue and why haven't you stopped them from running around the castle?" "Dad,do you really have to ask about the hair?" Referring to his now bleached hair. Jax played the same prank on my father two days ago. My dad shook his head. "Everybody to the office NOW" yelled my dad with his Alpha voice, it affected everybody but my mom, cause she's the queen.

My mom and my very angry sister walked in. Then came my Aunties, Reese,Ryker, Allison, Xander, Lilly, and Niall. Soon after can my uncles and Jax with his head lowered. The meeting was about to start when there was a knock at the door. "Come in" my father yelled. The door opened and in walked a man about my moms age. He walked in and I growled cause he smelt like vampire and my wolf didn't like it but he also smelt like wolf. I was brought out of my thoughts by my mother squealing.


The meeting to discuss Jax's latest prank was about to begin when there was a knock on the door. "Come in" Tyson yelled. I squealed when I saw who it was. I hadn't seen him in almost 15 years cause he had left to take over his old coven when we had killed Vlad. He had also left in hopes of finding his mate. He of course looked taller and more built but he was still tall and skinny and his face look the same as it did 15 years ago exempt more grown up. The man at the door was Whisper. I shrieked again with happiness, the children gave me funny looks, while the parents just laughed. I got up and ran towards him jumping into his arms knowing he would catch me. I squeezed him. The moment was wreaked by Xander. "Hey mom who's that?" I didn't reply but Jasper did for me "that is your mother best guy friend on the planet. They were inseparable before he left when you children were little. That children is your uncle Whisper, the only hybrid on record ."


I continued to hug Ryley as Jasper explained who I was. I had missed her so much, she is my BBFI(Best Friend For Infinity). I hated leaving but I had to find my mate and steer the Coven in the right direction. Vlad had shown them the wrong path and I wasn't going to allow them to be let lose on the world with no leader. So I taught them the ways of the light and punished the ones who questioned me, but if they got to far, I hate to say this bit I killed the one who couldn't be fixed. Once I know that they would be fine with out me I left them checking on them every so often. I am have yet to find my mate but I'm sure I'll find her someday I got a few thousand years ahead of me and I'm lucky I get to share it with my friend. We had all stopped ageing around 21 so Ryley looked quit good along with the rest of the girls.

#Anyways back to reality#

Once Ryley and I stopped hugging Tyson got up and shook my hand before he pulled me into a hug. The rest of the men did the same while the ladies hugged me. After I stood dumbfounded cause r the only child I recognise was Ace because of his eyes. The last time I saw these kids they were 1 or 2 so ya it's a little hard to tell. "Ok it's time to re- introduce the children" Mia said. I nodded.

First was Ace and two others. "Hello uncle Whisper, I am Ace and these are my twins Xander and Mia" he said shaking my hand. Followed by the other two. Ace seemed to be very mature for being the runt of the litter. Xander looked a lot like Taylor at 17 but he looked like a guy who plays with girls hearts. Mia was looking gorgeous and sweet she looked like her mother.

Next, was a girl with blue hair. "Hi sir, I am Niall. Surprise, surprise Eves daughter dyed her hair. She looked rebellious and from the looks of it she know it too.

After there was another three. "Hello sir, my name is Reese and this is my twin, Ryker and our baby sister Lilly." All three looked to be good kids and Ryker looked and acted as though he was a beta. Reese was quit small even Lilly was a little taller then her. Lilly seemed to be shy. I grabbed the girls hands and kissed the tops, while giving Ryker a firm hand shack.

Last but not least was who is assumed was Jax and Allison. "And I'm assuming to you two are Jax and Allison" they nodded "Jax from what I hear your quit the trouble maker I would have never expected that from the son of Jasper and Allison from what I hear your quit the Artist along with Ace, Niall, and Lilly" the girls blushed. Ace acted as a king/an Alpha and showed a lack of emotion. I chuckled the sight was interesting as they all sat at the large table. "So what did I interrupt?" "Oh we were just discussing what Jax's punishment for his latest prank is going to be." Ace said "Well I think that form the looks of it you haven't tried this yet but I think it's time for Jax's to start training with the royal guards" I said with a smirk "I think the a wonderful idea" Jasper said "I think all the boys should not including Ace cause he has his king studies and training but the rest" Ryley said with the rest nodding in agreement. "Hey what about us girls?" Niall spoke up "well I think it's time that you girls learn the female part of court you are coming to the age where you will find your mate and you will need to know your place" said Mia* once again everyone agreed "well it's settled then training starts at 630am tomorrow" Tyson said while the children groan. "Does it have to be so early in the morning?" Whined Mia "ya does it" whined Taylor and the older females."yes is does" Tyson exclaimed through laughs.

A/N so I bet your wondering how I am going to make it so you know which Mia is speaking.

Mia* is Ryley's BFF

Mia is Ryley's daughter

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