Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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26. training at 6 in the morning


I was chosen to be the beta of the king. So I still had to go to guard training but I didn't have to go a lot cause like Ace I had some special study's that I had to do. Everyone was moaning and groaning. "It's too fucking early for this shit." My older cousin whined. Mia flopped to the ground unhappy and tired. "Ok girls go with the woman. Boys your with Aaron and Whisper. Uncle Tyson said " Ryker in 5 hours you need to join Ace and I in the library." I nodded and followed the rest of the guys to the field.


My aunties and mom are awesome we got into the kitchen and my auntie Ryley turned and faced us "Ok I want to sleep for another 3 hours at least so your first lesson in don't always take your mates bull shit. There are many time where you should listen, but sometimes they get a little bit ridiculous, like today. The young woman snickered and the woman gave a sleepy nod. Ok next lesson is that when it comes to sleep, sleep in unless the top three things are occurring. Lilly raised her hand and her mother nodded. "What are the top three things?" "Well you are all going to be mates to high ranked wolf so, Luna/beta work, pups/ pack is in trouble, or just loving your mate;)" my auntie said winking. Ok class dismissed for 3 hours set an alarm and when you wake up come to the kitchen cause we need to act like we have been training the whole time so we are going to make brunch. Queen auntie said before running to bed. The rest of us followed.


"Ace your ahead of schedule so got to bed for another 4 hours or you wake up what ever comes first." I nodded


The kid were in front of us so I began to mind like with Whisper as I smirked. "Uh oh I know that look what's your plan oh mighty teacher." Whisper asked "I'm going to train these boys the way I trained you when we were kids." Whisper smirked with me. When I had trained Whisper I was still disgusted with him but I trained all my boys the same was that I trained everyone.


We got to the field, turned and the first thing I said was "drop and give me 50. Every day went like this going up by ten every week. I made then run around the castle twice and on weekend they would run in the forest and I would sneak attack them. When they were done warm up I always told them "Being a guard to the royal family means you must be fit and aware of your surroundings" this goes on for 3 months then when I think they are ready the final test is sending some of the veteran guard to "attack" the castle and have the recruits watching guard. These methods had come from the guy who trained me who died a few months after I graduated guard school. I was a fast learner an I had already done 100 push-up 50 sit-ups and 2 laps around the castle before the class. I passed 2 months in.

Flashback over

When we got to the field my class was already there and the royals we're make inch friends. I smiled looked at whisper he smiled back and yelled "Drop and give us 60" I had already told whisper that this was the beginning of week two for the class. The entire class dropped exempt the royals, they had puzzled looks on there faces. I smirked "Since the entire class isn't doing it there is another 10. Jax,Ryker, and Xander drop down and give me 70 push-ups. The boys dropped fast. They finished "2 laps around the castle starting..... Now" Whisper yelled


I panted a little uncle Aaron is a tough teacher. I wish I hadn't dyed Mias hair, then the guys and I wouldn't be in this mess. I have been tackled 10 times during the runs. The girls had it easy they only had to cook and clean and learn how to be a good mate. Ryker left around 10:30 for his training the rest of us continued.


I had left the work around 10:30. I thought i would quickly jump in the shower because I smelt nasty. When I walk through the kitchen the girls weren't there, I walked past the 2 kitchen still no girls, I shrugged and ran up to my room. When I was finished I had to pass the kitchen again. This time all the girls were there making lunch. I to the training room and found Ace half asleep on the floor. "Yo, Ace you ok?" As I ran to his side. Ace perked up smiling which had scared me. "Ya, that was just a test to see if you would come to my rescue." He smirked "My hero" he said in a girly voice before kissing my cheek. I have him a funny look and all he did was laugh. Ace finally sobered up after his father came in. We did this for a couple hours before we were called for lunch.

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