Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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23. they're here


It's been 3 days since Aaron told Mia she was his mate and it was cute want hung the two interact with each other. I was making cookies when I felt something wet run down my leg. Shit did I piss my self? I thought before a pain ran through my lower stomach. Well I didn't piss my self, my water broke. "TYSON GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AN HELP ME" Tyson was down in a heart beat "what's wrong?" "The pups are coming get me to aaaaaaaaaa." He froze not knowing what to do" "TYSON IM GOING TO KILL YOU GET ME TO THE DOCTOR" he finally jumped out of his shock and picked me up bridal style as he ran.


When Ryley yelled at me I jumped she sound like she was in so much pain. I picked her up and ran for dear life. I burst into the doctors office and yelled "the queen is hovering birth someone help." At the name of the queen being mentioned everyone jumped into action. Within minutes Ryley was in a hospital gown and about to give birth.

-2 hours, a few thousand screams, the braking of Tyson's had and 3 baby crys later-


I had triplets two boys and a beautiful baby girl.

My I present Xander Jasper Roy Lupei, Mia Reese Connor Lupei and finally the runt of the litter(lol) Ace Liam Taylor Lupei.

Xander looked a lot like Tyson he had black hair and his face the only thing different was his eyes he had mine. Mia was my little girl in every way but her little nose. Ace he was special in every way he was the smallest, he had one eye my colour and one Tyson's, he kind of looked Jasper when he was little but he had black hair with a little brown and last but not least he was born a wolf. His coat was the same colour as mine. I hate to say it but I think Ace might not make it and thinking of it made me want to cry.

(Picture of the triplets of on the Instagram page)

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