Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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15. the wedding


(Ryley's POV)

Today's the day, today I get married and tomorrow Tyson gets coronated as king. All this is stressing out. I am alone I wish my mom was still here, but she's gone forever and I never got a goodbye.

I was rushing around making sure everything was ok. "Taylor, thank god I need you help." "Sure but why isn't my brother helping?" "He's out getting the tuxes and brining it to the wing where you boys will get ready" " Oh ok what you need?" "Could you round up everyone and send them to their proper wings?" "Yes my queen." Taylor said with a smirk "you ass I told you not to call me that." I said glaring at him but had a smile on my face "I know just wanted to make you laugh to release some of you stress." "Thank you" " Anytime" I hugged him and we splat up.

~1 hour later~

I was in my room with Mia, my maid of honour, my 2 other brides maids and my flower girl getting ready. I was getting on my strapless wedding dress and I was so nervous in an hour I would be married and it was kind of scary.

~3 hours later~

The ceremony was over, Tyson and I were officially married. We were just finishing up the the speeches when the DJ said something. "My Queen I was told by you father to play this song at the end of the speeches because he said this was his speech and both you parents said that they are proud of you" when he finished "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw came on and I started balling my eyes out. All the lyrics made me sad cause I wished I could dance with my dad like every other bride on their wedding day.

When I finally calmed down Tyson and I had our first dance together. Tyson and I didn't dance to to a slow song like most we danced to "Drunk on Love" by The Wanted cause we thought is described us great. The song was almost over when Vlad and his goons showed up. " Well isn't this touching the young Queen is married and we are to late for speeches. Isn't that sad boys?" "Very sad sir" "Shut up, Whisper" the boy Vlad called Whisper looked around my age and had brown hair and his eyes were glowing a dark red, unlike the rest of the flock who had Blonde hair and their eyes were pitch black.

(Whisper's POV)

I was sick of Vlad treating me like crap. I knew that wolves and vampires could never be friends but I was told that Ryley and her brother were to change the supernatural world and I wanted to help. I stepped aside and walked towards the werewolf queen, her mate and some other stood in front of her in a protective stance, and all I did was kneel in front if them barring my throat in submission. "Boys move and let me see the young Vampire." Ryley said in a commanding but kind tone "Sorry my queen, but I'm older then you but yes I'm the same age as you" "YOUR QUEEN, SHE IS NOT YOUR QUEEN SHE IS A MUTT AND YOU ARE A VAMPIRE NOW GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE" Vlad yelled but I stayed put "Whisper why did you call me your queen?" "Because there is a prophecy that says that you and your brother will unite the supernatural species and I want to help in your quest" she nodded "Very well then but before you can do that you must prove to me, my mate and my seconds that you are loyal to the wolves." I nodded "anything you ask my queen" " Jasper. Taylor. Could you boys NICLEY bring Whisper to a room in your wing and keep an eye on him." Two boys one looking like Ryley and the other like Tyson stepped forward. I stood up and followed them to my room. The walk to the wing was quiet but I didn't mind it was nice to see the decorations of the one and only wolf castle.


We left the vampire boy in his room and went back to the reception room. When we walked in something in both of us changed we looked at each other and we knew what had happened we had felt our mates. By the looks of it our mates were in the same area. When we found them we realized that our mates were Sisters.

One was Taylor's age, she was the slightly shorter then him, had Red hair and brown eyes. She was a sweet girl that was very serious with her roles but she loves art and being creative. Her name was Eve.

The other was Jasper's age, she was much shorter them him so if they kissed she would have to go in her tippy toes. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a very sassy girl and had ADHD which resulted in her being more hyper then most wolves. Her name was Echo.


The princes weren't the only ones to find there mates at the king and queens wedding, Aaron had found his. His mate was the queens maid of honour, Mia.

Ryley's wedding dress*


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