Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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2. The Day Before

It's the day before my Birthday and I can't stop thinking about what the boy at the mall said to me last week. why would I have to be careful on my birthday, was I going to get hit by a bus or something? I was wondering one thing though since that day weird thing have been happening, like I was able to smell the garbage from three floors up, and my music was blasting even though it was at the same setting that it was the day before and it was just fine then. My parents were starting to think that I was sick and I should cancel my party but I wouldn't have it, this was the biggest party of the year and I wasn't letting the people down. 

 Mia and I sat on my bed giving each other mani / Pedi's for the party. We talked about girls stuff and the hot  boy who warned me about me birthday, we were both confused about what he meant but I had a idea that it had something to do with the weird things happening to me in the past week.

Picture of Mia*


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