Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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17. secrets and acceptance

Today, Tyson has his coronation then tonight we have mating ceremony. There were servant milling about as they followed the orders my mom had gave them before my parents past. Tyson was getting prepped and I was talking to the boys, they seemed distracted they wouldn't stop fidgeting most of all Aaron. They were usually focus but since last night they were in another planet. "Boys may I ask why your so unfocused today? We only have the events today before your free." My brother was first to speak. He gave me a weak smile then it grow to a smile from ear to ear. "Ryley we have found our mates. Taylor and I, our mates are sisters Echo and Eve." I nodded and turned to Aaron. "My queen, my mate is your Best friend, Mia but I have not told her I was wondering of you would help me?" I couldn't believe my ears did my great warrior need help with love? I smiled "Well my brave warrior and protector if what you say is true your in for a treat because I have been told by many that my bestie should be put in a mad house on occasion" I said laughing, Jasper soon joined me we stopped when Aaron let out a sharp growl. "Well Aaron I would like you to get ready for the coronation and we will talk about this tomorrow." He nodded and started to walk away. "Jasper and Taylor I would like you to get ready as well but first I would like you to tell Tyson your wonderful news." They nodded and followed me to the room Tyson and I share. "Well honey we have wonderful news" Tyson turned towards us " and what would that be?" I turned to the boys silently telling them to speak. Taylor was the one who spoke this time " Brother, Jasper, Aaron and I have found our mates" he said with a grin.

(Whisper's POV)

I have sat in the room that the princes left me in the night before . I was grateful that the Queen aloud me to stay. I knew deep in my heart that though she was a wolf that she was going to bring the supernatural world together and I want to help but my first step was to gain the castles trust. It shouldn't be to hard I have only done one thing wrong to them,I crashed the queens coronation and I knew that if I worked hard enough she my just reward me. I was deep in thought when I heard the Queens musical voice "Whisper I would like to talk to you" I stood and bowed, she nodded and I gave a weak smile.

"Whisper it will take sometime to gain the trust of some of my wolves but I would like you to know that the royal family welcomes you but you will have to do some work to gain full trust. We know that you have done little wrong to us and if you are to gain our trust the rest of the wolves will soon follow" I nodded "Now tonight you will be attending the kings coronation but you will be under close guard then, I will have Aaron teach you to be part of the royal guard. If you listen then when your training is finished you will be part of the guard. Aaron and I have spoke and we both agree that you have talents that would be useful." Now was when I spoke "Thank you Queen Ryley I will for ever be in your dept." she nodded "There is one more thing before I leave to get ready. Why?" I smiled at her and told her about how I thought what Vlad was doing was wrong and I didn't what to be part of it. I also said that I wanted to do more for the world and help with the revolution of all supernaturals coming together.

Ryley's POV

There was something about Whisper that was different, he wasn't like the rest of his flock he has this something but I can't put my finger on it. I did some calling and searching and before long I found my answer in the hall of record in the newest section I found a book labeled "There's a first time for everything" I flipped the page and found:

16 year old boy attacked

November 4,2013.

16yr. Old ,Whisper Kane was on a walk when he was attacked by a dark wolf. He was bitten and made unconscious. While he was out a vampire had bite him and killed him. When he woke up he was still in the forest. He soon attacked a deer and come to the realization that he couldn't go home. On the first full moon after the attack Whisper had shifted into a wolf. He was alone for 3 months before a flock of vampires lead by Vladamir Drac took him in. He did what he was told in hopes that his secret would go unnoticed. Mr. Kane has been put in both species records as a the first hybrid.

-back in the hall of records-

I sat starring at the pages when I came to I went straight back to Whisper's room. "Whisper what is your last name?" "Kane. Why?" "Because I found something interesting and I want to make sure it was you before I went on." "ok what is it?" I showed him the book. As he looked I saw a look of sadness grow on his face. " this happened on my 17th birthday" he said sadly "Whisper if this is you then you have as much right to be in the castle as the other wolves and we should show you more trust but before anything is it ok that I show this to my family and a few very close friends?" "Thank you my Queen and yes it is fine" "your very welcome and Whisper after the coronation I will be telling the castle" he nodded and I gave him a hug and a warm smile.

I went to my room,summoned the boys and Mia. When they were all there I showed them the book. They starred at it for a few minutes before I spoke. "He is one of us and we will show him the same respect as the rest of the wolves" "Ryley you are correct we will still keep a close watch on him for a bit but he is a wolf and he will be treated like one." Tyson said "My queen tomorrow I will start his guard training" Aaron said I smiled and then I realized that everyone was ready but me and the coronation was in an hour. I had been so busy that I had forgotten that I was the one that was to coronate Tyson. I told everyone to leave and the stylist began to quickly work.

Author notes:

Hi, My Fane Kingdom

Sorry that it took so long to update. I was having writers block for this story and some of my paragraphs were being deleted so it took me a while. Thank you for reading this book and I hope you like what is to come. Please comment ideas, suggestions, thoughts on the book, and your opinions on the characters.

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