Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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19. Mating Ceremony(14+)

A/N the contents in this chapter is not suitable for all age and if you are under the age of 14 please know that the contents are not G or PG rated and some of the details are in great detail. So do not read on if you are not ok with sexual content. So if your to young to read this chapter, read the next it will be less intimate and more PG rated. Please please please don't read this chapter if your below the age of 14.

Ryley's POV

The mating ceremony started with the cleansing of the feet. Tyson washed my feet as he said his vows. "I wash your feet as I take you as my mate. I will stand by your side till the day we die. I will help you through thick and thin." He said with passion in his eyes. Now it was my turn to wash his feet and say my vows."I wash your feet as I take you as my mate. I will stand by your side till the day we die. I will help you through thick and thin." Is said with the same amount of passion. It was now time for the gift giving. Tyson gave me a Ball from our childhood. I gave Tyson a scrapbook of all the memories we've had it include our wedding pictures. Now is for the most intimate part during this time Tyson will place his mark on me and from that time forward if either of us was to die the other would die soon after.

We walked into our room and I watched as Tyson's wolf took over. He began to kiss me furiously and I feel into the kiss. He pulled away to pull of my dress and I lifted my arms up to make it easier. I was left in only my bra and underwear while he was still fully clothed. He then brushed his lips where he was to mark me and I let out a moan. He let out a growl before he lifted off his shirt revealing a hard chest. I purred. He began kissing me again. I felt as his manhood began to grow hard as his pleasure grew. It was painful there was cloth preventing us from mating. He stopped again causing me to groan. He ripped off his pants and pushed me to the bed. There was now words spoken as he ripped off the remaining clothing left on both of us. He got on top of me kissing me on my forehead, my nose, down my neck, and down my stomach. He kept going lower as he teased me. He brought his head to my core and put his tongue into me. He pulled back as he spoke "Ryley can I ask you a question?" He said voice husky "what Tyson?" I said between breaths "is this your fist time?" He said kissing where he will place his mark. I nodded cause I didn't trust myself to speak. "well in that case I'm going to make it one to remember" he lowered to my core again and plunged his fingers into me. My back arched pushing them in more. He pulled back added a finger and started to thrust his fingers making my pleasure grow. "My beautiful little mate it's nice to know that you want me so much but I want to know how much your really want me." Still not trusting myself I whispered "mate with me, Tyson" he picked up the pass " what was that I didn't hear you speak louder" "mate with me" I said a little loader. He pulled up bring his lips closes to my ear causing his man hood to hang dangerously close. "What was that?" "MATE WITH ME NOW TYSON LUPEI." I screamed. That is when he fell and I felt him go into me as he thrusted into me. I let out a loud moan and he went faster. I screamed and he went full speed as my hips fell into sync with him. When my orgasm stopped for a moment I saw that his canines had grew. He throw his head back and sunk his teeth into me. I cringed cause it hurt a little but the pain left and what was left was full on pleasure. He pulled back and licked the wound. When he finished my wolf took over and flipped him over. She got off of him and sat between his legs. -it's time that we have some fun with him.- she said to me knowing full well that I could do nothing, stupid slut of a wolf. She brought our fingers to his throbbing friend and started to drag our fingers across him as he shivered with pleasure. She smirked. His juices started coming out and that is when she began to give him a blow job and it was his turn to moan.

(Tyson's POV)

She sucked on my centre like a lolly pop and it was painful how good she was at this. She pulled away and I groaned why is she doing this to me. She brought herself back to being on top of me. She smirked as just sat on me looking into my eyes. I ended up closing my mine do to the I intense passion that were in her eyes. I opened them when I felt her place me back into her and she began thrusting into me. She threw her head back screaming with another orgasm as my juices filled her to the filling point and when she though her head forward she bite me, marking me still staying in sync. She drank some of my blood then she dragged her tongue along the mark in a way causing me to grunt. When she finished she fell of of me panting. I rolled over kissing her lips. "Wow that's was amazing." She sighed. She cuddled close to me, I took in her scent and my wolf howl as he smelt our scent on her. Knowing that we will always have her, we fell asleep.

A/N well they did it. It maybe to much or to little but it doesn't matter. So the next chapter is for the one that were to young to read this chapter. Read the next cause big big new is being revealed.

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