Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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20. Mating ceremony (PG)

Ryley's POV

The mating ceremony started with the cleansing of the feet. Tyson washed my feet as he said his vows. "I wash your feet as I take you as my mate. I will stand by your side till the day we die. I will help you trough thick and thin." He said with passion in his eyes. Now it was my turn to wash his feet and say my vows."I wash your feet as I take you as my mate. I will stand by your side till the day we die. I will help you trough thick and thin." Is said with the same amount of passion. It was now time for the gift giving. Tyson gave me a Ball from our childhood. I gave Tyson a scrapbook of all the memories we've had it include our wedding pictures. Now is for the most intimate part during this time Tyson will place his mark on me and from that time forward if either of us was to die the other would die soon after.We walked into our room and I watched as Tyson's wolf took over. He began to kiss me furiously and I feel into the kiss.

-the next morning-

Last night was wonderful. I never felt so much love in my life. Since I'm a wolf I can figure out if anything big happened last night if you know what I mean. I walked into the bath room and grabbed the test from the cabinet. I followed the instructions and was now waiting.

-five minutes later-

[+] that's what the test said [+] in 4 1/2 monthsI will have a pup to take care of. Since I was little I was told that I would have 9 months of life growing in me but since I'm a wolf it's only half that. Well I'm not telling Tyson I want to see how long it takes him to realize he's going to be a father.

Tyson's POV

I woke up to Ryley's voice in my head. I saw that she was in the bathroom so I know that she was taking the test. I sat and waited till she got the results. Five minutes later I got my answer. [+] I was going to be a father. I listen to her tell herself that she was going to wait till I realized it, but I don't think she know that I can hear her every thought.

A/N I know it's really short but I just wanted to get the younger ones there did of the story then there will be non in the chapters to come. Well now I have to take you though their fun roller coaster ride of having a child.

Any who so I want help with names. I had some in mind I want to know what you think.


Eithan/Aiden. Xander/Mia Rose/Jacquelynn


Allyson Tess Jacquelynn Lilly


Ace Issac Jaxx Xander Elyar Jay

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