Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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18. long live the King

Tyson's POV

Today I would become King then I would also be fully mated with Ryley.

Ryley has been milling around the castle all day doing different things two of which were shocking: learning that the boys found there mates and learning that our new comer is a hybrid. When she told the rest of the group of her discovery of Whisper we were shocked but she rush out of the room realizing that she wasn't ready for the coronation.

It was time Ryley stood at the other end I the room waiting till I arrive to the front of her. When I got there I kneeled and the ceremony began. "Do you Tyson Meyer Williams Lupei take this crown and all the things that come with it?" "Yes I do" "Do you promise to stay by my side as my husband and King?" "Always" "I now give to you Tyson Meyer Williams Lupei, King of the werewolf species." I stood up as the crowd clapped, soon the entire room was chanting "Long Live the King" and with that I bowed.

Ryley's POV

"Ladies and gentlemen before we part I have a few words to say, regarding our new supernatural in the castle.. As you all know we have allowed a vampire to live in the castle, but I have recently learn that he is not in fact a vampire but a hybrid.(signalling Whisper up) Whisper here is going to join the royal guard to prove that he is loyal to us. I am aware that is not far to the born wolves an there will be an audition for more recruits for the positions." The crowd cheered and with that I dismissed them. When everyone was gone Aaron came up. "My queen after Whispers training today I would like to speak with you about the other matter if that would be alright!" "Aaron that would be fine come around midnight do to the ceremony this evening" "Ryley I had forgot about the ceremony how about I speak to you tomorrow morning" "that would be much better thank you" "it was my pleasure your highness." Then Aaron turned and took Whisper to the training field. I turn towards Tyson and kissed him, Tyson leaned in making the kiss hungrier and more heated. Soon he lifted me up wrapping my legs around his waist. I pulled away "Tyson(pants) we should (pants) wait(pants) till after (pant) the ceremony." I said between deep breathes. He pouted but put me down. He gave me one last peck on the lips before we separated to prepare for the ceremony tonight.


Sorry it's so short I wanted the Mating ceremony and prep. Be done in its own chapter. I'm also sorry it took so long between my books on here, my books on Wattpad, work, helping my mom with here day home and getting stuff ready for school in two weeks I've been a little busy.

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