Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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9. It was you

(Tyson's POV)


I walked into the game room confused. Why did I get so mad about Ryley's tattoos? I had no right. Jasper walked in "well those weren't there this morning." " what do you mean they weren't" " I mean this morning when her an I went to school those weren't there" then a thought occurred to me "Jasper do I have anything on my back or shoulders" I asked as I pulled off my shirt "Ya actually you have markings that match Ryley's except yours goes up you side and over your right shoulder." I looked and saw the mark that only a king or alpha could have. " Jasper tell me the cold hard truth about your birthday"

(Ryley's POV)

"Ryley what's wrong?" "Mia I have to tell you something you mustn't tell anyone it is the biggest secret I have and you must keep it with your life" "ok Ryley I will" " and I promise Mia I would never lie to you" "Ryley I know we made that vow 3 yrs ago" "Ok here goes everything"

I told Mia about my bio rents, my birthday, and even Tyson and like a good friend she only listened till the end. " wow that's a hell of a birthday you had" "tell me about it" so Jasper and his pissy little friend are werewolves too?" "Well Jasper ya, his friend I think so" " well if so you got quit the catch Tyson Lupei is the most popular guy in the school" " that's not what matters Mia" I said while trying to hold back a laugh but failed, Mia joined in and we were in a full on laugh attack.

When we finally calmed down the boys came in " Ryley,Tyson knows about the hike in the woods" " ya so does Mia" "Ok girl I'm right here" " sorry but that's not important" "Right proceed"

(Jasper's POV)

"Ryley meet Tyson your mate in human form" when I finished I expected Ryley to be surprised but she just stood there. " thanks Jasper but I already figured that out" "how?" "Because your friend here has the same scent as the beautiful black wolf in the woods, minus the minor smell of wet dog" Mia started laughing and Tyson just growled which made her laugh harder, then Ryley started laughing with her, as I tried to hold mine back. When we all settled down I turned to Tyson and said "You have your hands or paws full with her" Tyson just scowled.

(Tyson's POV)

Jasper wasn't wrong with his statement but now that I have the markings of a king I have to show more domanince. "How did you boys figure it out" " well Tyson can explain" "Well after we were in here I walked into the game room confused about what I thought were just tattoos but when Jasper came in saying that they weren't there this morning I became curious. I then asked him if there was anything on my back when he answered that I had markings that matched your I asked him to tell me the true story behind your hike in the woods. When he finished I flipped out on him for not telling me sooner but I realized that I had not told him I was like him or that his sister was my mate. That is when we heard you two laughing and decided we would discuss it." " well then long story short my markings match yours and that's what made you realize that it was me that was your mate, not the likeness of the two of us" said Ryley. She had a point: the being adopted, same name, has a twin brother younger then her, parent killed In hunting accident how did I not see it sooner?

young Ryley and Tyson*


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