Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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13. get your mind off things

I sat in my room, waiting for my mom to come help me but I knew that she was gone forever. "Ryley could I come in?" Jasper asked from outside in the hall. I didn't say anything and he walk in, like I knew he would. He sat down and that is when I started to ball my eyes out once again. Jasper just sat there comforting me till Tyson walked in, then he left to his room.


I had finally stopped crying at some point because I found myself wake up the next morning. Tyson was lying next to sound asleep. He was so cute when he was sleeping, his hair falling into his eyes while he cuddles up to the pillow. I decided that I would go for a run. I got out of the bed quick and quiet, I then changed into some running clothes, then down stairs. When I got down stairs Taylor was sitting a the kitchen table. "Hey Taylor want to go for a run?" He looked up at me surprised that I was up. "As a human or wolf?" "a little of both" I said smirking at him. He quickly answered my question by getting up and bolting out the door, I quickly followed suit.

(Tyson's POV)

I woke up in Ryley's room, I found her bed empty and I panicked. As the new queen she is in constant danger and as her mate I must protect her. I quickly got dressed and went down the stairs to the kitchen. I walked in and Ryley's scent was still fresh in the room and along with it was my brothers scent. I followed it out the door, through the forest and into a clearing were I found my mate and my brother fighting and Ryley was not winning but she wasn't far off from doing so. I sat and watched as the two played, it brought joy to me and my wolf the the two people I hold so close to my heart are getting along well.

Soon they stopped and ran back home in a different direction then they had come. I quickly and quietly followed them, to watch them and make sure that they were safe. They had made it home and they had separate to there rooms to shower, so I took that time to get some breakfast. I had just finished when she came down, she was wearing a blue tank top, grey sweats and her crown. I laughed she wasn't any ordinary queen, she didn't wear fancy dresses or high heels endless she had to but she loved her crown so she wore it from time to time around the house and it sometimes looked funny with her wardrobe.

Taylor was silently being crowned the prince of the species so that him and Jasper could be the sole airs to the throne till Ryley and I have children and of course if it came to it, that Ryley and I did die Jasper would have the castle first but Taylor would always be his right hand man and he excepted it as his soul duty to the crown.



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