Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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12. Coronation day

I was almost ready for the coronation but I felt sick to my stomach. After today I would be the queen of an entire species and I would be doing it alone till after my wedding, in a couple of weeks. Tyson knocked on the door "Luna could I come in?" All morning Tyson had been calling me luna and I didn't know why. "Yes Tyson come in" "well it's time to go to the castle" "ok let's go and get this over with."

We were at the castle and I was sitting in the room Tyson and I would share for the rest of our live, waiting of the summon for me to come down stairs. There was a knock on the door. "Come in" I yelled the door opened and the boy from the mall walked in "luna I am here to summon you" "ok, but my I ask you what your name is?" "Yes my name is Aaron. Now we must go or we'll be late." I got up and my dress that I had picked for today fell into place. The dress was long and had a sweet heart neck line. It was also hot pink and black to match Tyson suit and tie. Aaron and I speed down the stair to the door that I was supposed to entire from. When we had arrived my mom was waiting "Oh honey you look gorgeous." "Thanks. Hey where's Jasper isn't he supposed to escort me in?" Just as I finished the sentence Jasper walked up. "Ok let's do this." He said "My children the fates have told me that as soon as Ryley is crowned your dad and I will move on to the otherworld. I came here to say good-bye." Our mom said as tears started rolling down her eyes. I couldn't let the tears fall or my make-up would be ruined but on the inside I had become a blubbering mess, as I would be later. " well you better get in there" she said through her sobs. Jasper grabbed my arm and we walked into the room.

All eyes were on me as the man in front of me asked the questions "do you Ryley take this crown and the responsibilities that come with it?" " yes I do" " I now crown you queen Ryley Rosa Maria Fane, Queen of the werewolves." The crowd followed I a chant "long live the queen" as the chants died down a couple of men walked down the isle. Tyson grabbed my arm and throw me behind him. "Yes long live the queen, I guess we were to late but we can still ruin your wedding, and we will be back and on time" the first man hissed through long canines on his top jaw. "No you won't Valdemar you and your vampire goons while never get the queen." Tyson growled. The one Tyson called Valdemar turned around and ran out with the speed of lightning.

I stood behind Tyson for a couple of minute after the vampires left. I was shacking with fear and sadness. They were going to crash my wedding and they crashed my coronation.

Coronation dress*


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