Werewolf Royals

Ryley Fane is a normal teenager she hangs out with her friends. goes to the mall, and does homework but that all changes after her 16th birthday

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22. 4 months later

A/N I changed my mind I think that it would be funnier if Tyson didn't know.


I would be having the pup/pups in a couple days and we still had to buy stuff since we don't know if we're having one or two we bought two of a few things the the pups would need and then put half in storage and set up the other stuff. I still remember telling everyone


I walked out of the bathroom with a blank expression. Tyson was strolled across the bed watching me. " I need to talk to Aaron then I need to talk to everyone." "Ok?" I walked out of the room and straight to Aaron's room. We talked and made the plan that after the meeting I would talk to Mia, I would tell that she was going on a blind date to a restraint and from there Aaron would tell her.

Everyone to the family room I have to tell y'll something.

Ok see you soon

When everyone got there I told them to sit. I stood in front of everyone. "So the last part of the ceremony was finished last night" "Ya and?" Mia said "weeeeellllllll" I took the girls a few seconds to figure it out. "WE'RE GOING TO BE AUNTIES" they scream. The guys being guys still didn't catch on. The girls were still jumping around yelling "WE'RE GOING TO BE AUNTIES. WE'RE GOING TO BE AUNTIES" I started laughing as the guys now had a look of shock on there face, but Tyson's expression was the best though the look of shock, happiness, and confusion. Then when he broke out of his shock he got up and hugged me, then kneeled down and talked to my stomach "Hello in there it's your daddy speaking I want you to know that I love you and your mommy very much and that I will protect you with my life." I smiled at his words


We were had just finished puting up the book shelf and some wolf wall art. The pups/pups would share a room till they are old enough that they need therir own room which we have lots of. I was now siting on the couch looking for clothes and other things that wemight need. Mia came down the stairs and i remembered that I had to set her up on her blind date with Aaron. " Hey Mia how woud you like to go on a blind date with a friend of mine?" "Sure whois it?" "If I tell youits not a blind date is it?" sh shrugged "So what you guys tinking of nameing the munckins?" Well for the a boy Xander or Ace and for a girl (I smiled, Tyson and i both agreed with this) Mia" She shrieked with joy "Your namingyour girl after me?" I nodded as she jumped around. "Well you better get ready to go you have a blind date, at a fancy restrant in half an hour." she nodded and bolted to her room with a bounce in her step.


I walked into my room wonder who my best friend set me up with. He better be good. I picked out my black strapless dress the clung to me in all the right places. I curled my hair, put on a pair of my black pumps and left to go find Ryley. "Ryls how do I look?" "You look great" she squilled "So where am I going ?" "Well thething is... I am going to carefully blindfold you so I dont wreak your hair, then Tysons going to drive you there, and after your date or should is say ma- what never mind but ya he'll still take off your blindfold ." I nodded and she placed the blind fold on me. I felt who I was assuming was Tyson pick me up. "Be careful with her carry her like it was me." Ryley said "Always" said Tyson. As we walked to the castle garage i heared someone inhumenly growl but then again it the castle of the werewolves eveyone growls like that. "Calm down, remember im doing this for you. You should probably get going" i heard Tyson use what Ryley called his Alpha voice for the first part and his regular for the last part. I wonder who he was talking to and what he meant by "I'm doing this for you". Felt him place me in a car and began to drive away . It felt like hours before we arrived. I listen as Tyson opened then closed his door, it was a couple of minutes before he got me out. He lifted me and i felt as he passed me on to another. "Be careful of her or the queen will be pissed and she doesnt need that with it so close to her due date. I was carried to a comfortable seat. There is silent violin music playing in the background. I felt the blind fold fall off my face. I sat face to face with Aaron, head of security. "Aaron your my blind date?" He nodded and looked at me with such passion. "There is something I have to say to you." "Well what is it?" I asked "well the thing is, well your, your" he stuttered "so what what do you want to eat?" He was trying to change the subject "Aaron spit it out" I said slowly "MiaGeorgeyouaremymate" he said quickly "what?" "Mia George you are my mate" I sat there staring at him, I didn't think it was possible for this but you know what I'm totally ok with this, actually I love the idea of having someone having unconditional love for me. I

I got up and he kept mumbling on about god knows what and I decided he needed to shut up so I kissed him long and passionate. I felt him growl that came from deep in his throat, I smiled under our lips and we were like this for at least an hour only breaking apart to breath before continuing with our make out session. When we got back to the castle we went to his room and last thing I remember was falling asleep in his arms.

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