Journey of a Lifetime

I had been to Neverland before, with my father and uncle on a quest from the king. I had befriended Peter Pan then left in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye. Now I'm back, to help save Emma's son Henry. In and out, that was how simple it was supposed to be. I'm Lucy Jones, daughter of Killian Jones and the girl that simple doesn't apply to.


5. Chapter 5


Neverland was beautiful, vibrant. We stood on the highest peak overlooking all of Neverland. I could see a mermaid lagoon, and the cove where I was sure we were camped near. It was absolutely breathtaking. I never dreamed it possible to travel to such a place. To me, it was always a fairy tale…

                “This is your island?” I asked, looking away from the beautiful scenery. Peter nodded, clearly glad that I was so enthralled with all of this.

                “All mine. You’re welcome to stay as long as you wish,” He said. Hopeful. He looked hopeful. My gaze dropped to the ground. That wasn’t possible.

                “I cannot leave my father. He’s all I have left.” Him and Uncle Liam. Since my mother abandoned us for another man, father and I vowed to always stay together. Peter was quiet. I could hear the sounds of the forest, the crickets singing.

                “While you think about it,” There he goes again, knowing that I was torn between being with my family and doing as my heart desired,” Come meet my lost boys. We’re having a party.”

                “A party? Whatever for?” I can’t imagine what they have to celebrate.

                “The freedom of doing whatever our hearts want. More of a bonfire really, though.” Peter corrected. My eyes glimmered with excitement. I’v never been to one of those! I was used to formal parties.

                “I’d love to meet your lost boys,” I answered, taking his hand with a smile.Peter made me fly with him. Flying made me feel free…

                It was strange seeing all these lost boys. They were uncivilized and not in the least bit polite, but I liked them. I liked the atmosphere. I hated being treated like an object to woo. That’s all those formal parties were about.

                Peter introduced me to all of them. I was impressed. He knew each and every one of them by name. After he got through, I sat with him on a log. He had a wooden instrument of sorts. I listened to him play while watching the boys all begin to dance around the fire. I have no idea how long I was entranced by his music.

                “It was a beautiful song,” I commented as he finished. I had to return to camp before my absence was noticed. Peter looked at me with a strange look.

                “Interesting,” He mumbled. I inquired what he meant, but he brushed the conversation aside. “I should return you to your camp. The sun will be rising.”

                Peter flew me back, not saying a word. Had I done something wrong? We didn’t get too close to the camp. I didn’t smell fire, so I hoped that I was safe.

                “This could be your island too,” Peter said, breaking the silence. He had yet to release my hand.

                “I’m sorry, Peter.” I smiled softly. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. There was a charm on it, an island encased in glass.

                “Take this,”

                “It’s lovely, thank you,” He didn’t need to give me anything. I felt that it would be rude if I refused it.

                “It’s magic. If you decide that you want to return, all you have to do is wish it. This will show you the way,” Peter said, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

                “Lucy?” I heard Uncle Liam calling for me.

                “I must go,” I didn’t want to; a part of me was pleading to stay. Peter stepped forward, holding my cheeks and pressing his lips to mine.

                After what felt like an eternity, Peter rested his forehead against mine. “Goodbye, Lucy Jones.”

                A twig snapped behind me causing me to turn and look. Nothing was there but when I looked back to respond to Peter, he was gone. I touched my lips. I felt torn. I wished I could stay but I could never leave like my mother. My heart would always partly be here.

                “Lucy!” Uncle Liam’s voice came from right behind me. I hid the necklace in my hands behind my back. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

                “I apologize, Uncle Liam. I was on my way back,” I said. I tried to make it seem like I was looking for privacy. I was a girl after all.

                “You’re safe and unharmed, that’s all that matters,” He replied. He walked with me back to the camp where I received a lecture from my father. He went on and on until everything was packed and they were ready to head out.

                “You’re going back to the ship,” Father said again.

                “That’s not fair!” I argued. I tried to fight it, but even Uncle Liam agreed. I had plenty of time to think over what I wanted while one of the crewmen escorted me back to the ship.

                I spent the next hours writing and drawing about Neverland and about Peter. I only hoped that Peter was wrong about the dreamshade. I distracted myself by drawing Peter and me flying over the forest. I wasn’t the best artist but it was only for me.

                As the day drug on, I could only focus on the dreamshade. They should have returned. If the dreamshade was poison... what if something horrible happened?
                I couldn’t wait in my cabin any longer so I went up on deck. I played around with a sword after pacing around for a while. I wasn’t very good with a sword. I turned and swung, this time hitting something. Another sword!

                “Those aren’t for playing, Lucy.” Uncle Liam had blocked me. I dropped my sword.

                “I was so worried.” I hugged them both. Uncle Liam started shouting orders to return home. I would miss this place. Maybe we’d return one day. I’d like that.

                The flight home felt different. It didn’t feel like we’d succeeded. Something had changed both Father and Uncle Liam’s actions. They didn’t speak of the dreamshade. It wasn’t until I heard my father shouting for help when I found out what had happened. My uncle died because of a lying, cowardly king.


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