Journey of a Lifetime

I had been to Neverland before, with my father and uncle on a quest from the king. I had befriended Peter Pan then left in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye. Now I'm back, to help save Emma's son Henry. In and out, that was how simple it was supposed to be. I'm Lucy Jones, daughter of Killian Jones and the girl that simple doesn't apply to.


4. Chapter 4


            I rolled onto my side and coughed up water. It tasted as bad coming up as it did when it was suffocating me. Mermaids. They were none too kind in their delivery system. I feel like they might not like me. When I first arrived all those years ago, we got along very well. Now I think they’re upset with me for leaving.

                A coat dropped down on the sand beside me. My coat. It was leather and brown. I had found it on the island when I first came. I wore it every day. It was like my piece of the island. I left it behind as a goodbye to Peter. As a remember me.

                “Nice to see you too, Felix,” I mumbled. Most of the time it was never nice to see him.

                “Welcome back, Lucy. Pan didn’t want you to freeze,” Felix replied. I looked up at him. He still carried that club. He still looked the same.

                “If that was the case, he’d use his magic to dry me off.” I pushed myself up. I was sore. Slipping on the jacket, I shivered.

                “He might if you ask nicely.” I rolled my eyes, scanning the area. I didn’t see any of the other lost boys. Felix lifted my chin, a small smirk on his face. “It’s just you and me. If you want to run, I’ll give you a head start. You were always the only one who gave me any thrill in the chase. Unpredictable.”

                “No,” I said after a moment, “Take me to Peter.”

                I wouldn’t have any choice. Peter wanted to see me, and Peter always got what he wanted. It was his island. Nothing ever happened here that he didn’t know about.

                Felix motioned for me to follow him. This had changed. It looked darker, gloomy, like it was losing all its life. I could hear the music before we reached the campsite. I didn’t have to be there to imagine what was going on. Peter was playing and that meant the lost boys were entranced. Felix stopped.

                “You aren’t to tell the boy about the rescue party. Pan’s orders.” Felix said.

                “Unlike you, Peter doesn’t control me, but if he asks nicely, I might comply.” I mocked. Felix didn’t know me anymore. I wasn’t that innocent little girl I used to be. I was a pirate now. I stepped forward. I wanted to sit by the fire and warm up. Felix swung his club in front of me, blocking my path.

                “He’s very serious.” Felix warned. I turned to look him in the eyes.

                “So am I.” I pushed the club out of the way. Emerging from the woods, I saw the boys. I recognized most of them. Some were dancing; others were play sword fighting with sticks. I got a few surprised looks; they hadn’t been expecting me to come back.

                “Lucy! So glad you could join us,” Peter said, a grin breaking across his face.

                “Like I had a choice,” I mumbled. I spotted Henry sitting alone. Of course he was also being watched.

                “Let’s go for a walk.” Peter said. I knew it wasn’t a request. I also didn’t care.

                “No thanks,” I replied, sitting down on a log by the fire. I was probably the only person who could refuse Peter and make him laugh. Peter didn’t push it. He simply went to talk to Felix, keeping me in his sight. I watched the fire crackle.

                “Are you a lost girl? Like Wendy?” Henry asked, climbing over the log and sitting beside me. He brought me back to reality. I was nothing like Wendy.

                “Something like that,” I answered, glancing up to look at the boys. Peter was gone. Probably off to see how far Emma and the others were.

                “How did you get here? Do you have an escape plan? I can help. I’ve been working on my own.” Henry rambled.

                “Slow down, kid. I’m not a prisoner. I can leave whenever I want.” I replied. At least, that’s what I told myself. I don’t know if I actually believed it. Peter wanted me for something. He knows I won’t leave.

                “So you’re helping Pan? How can you do that?” Henry asked. He was upset with me now. I looked over at him.

                “I never said that. I simply stated that I could leave.”

                “Then you want to be here?” He seemed confused. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be here or not. Something had to be keeping me or I’d be long gone by now. I should be out searching for my father.

                “Of course she does.” Peter said from behind us. I sighed. He wasn’t going to let this go. He wanted to talk to me. I stood up.

                “Alright, I’ll go,” I caved. Peter smiled and we headed out into the woods. It was significantly colder out here, away from the fire. My damp clothes and wet hair chilled me all the way through my body.

                “Cold?” Peter asked. I pulled the jacket tighter around me.

                “I’m wet, so yes, I’m cold. But you know that. You called the mermaids to get me.” I said. He didn’t deny it, nor did he comment on it. He would make this joke until I asked him properly to dry me off.

                “Well, you know all you have to do is ask, Lucy.” Peter said. I hated myself for being so…submissive to him.

                “I’d rather freeze. But that’s not why you brought me out here.” I replied. Peter smiled again.

                “No, it’s a multipurpose trip.” He stopped and backed me against a tree. Multipurpose. “You’re going to help me bring magic back to the island.”

                “You can lie to Henry all you want, but you can’t lie to me.” It wasn’t about the island dying. He was losing magic. This was about self-preservation. He shut me up with a kiss. The conversation was over. He wasn’t going to tell me right now, if ever. I had to accept that. Peter made the rules.

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