Journey of a Lifetime

I had been to Neverland before, with my father and uncle on a quest from the king. I had befriended Peter Pan then left in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye. Now I'm back, to help save Emma's son Henry. In and out, that was how simple it was supposed to be. I'm Lucy Jones, daughter of Killian Jones and the girl that simple doesn't apply to.


10. Chapter 10


“They’ll be after Tinker Bell,” I said. I know her well. Well enough to know she would help my father and Emma if they promised to take her off the island with them. She’s been a part of Peter’s games before. And I know she hated it.

I stopped.

“So we’ll start at her place first. Lucy, what are you doing? We have to keep moving,” Baelfire said.

In my jacket pocket, I could feel the necklace. “I can’t go with you. Peter will find me.” I pulled it out to look it over. I’d thrown it into the lagoon the very last time I’d left.

“It’s just a piece of jewelry, Lucy.”

“No. It’s his way of finding me, no matter where I am. He’ll easily catch you with me around,” I replied. I closed my hand around the charm. I should have known.

Baelfire took the necklace and threw it into the woods. “I am not leaving you. Not again.” He took my hand and pushed further into the jungle. “And you know that Hook won’t leave you here either.”

This was it. Peter had given me the necklace as a message. He would never allow me to leave Neverland. He didn’t need the necklace on the island. It was his island. He knew that I’d get the message.

We came across a camp. It wasn’t one of Peter’s. There were no lost boys in sight. Baelfire set Henry down and put his hands over the snuffed out campfire. He smiled to himself.

“We shouldn’t stop,” I said. A part of me wished for us to find the others.

“Emma,” Baelfire said and laughed lightly.

“You were so close to finding her,” Peter said. We both turned toward him. “You disappoint me. I thought I’d taught you better. Never break in somewhere unless you know the way out.”

“I’ll remember that for next time,” Baelfire replied.

“There isn’t going to be a next time. But don’t blame yourself. Your father could have protected you out here, sure, but then who would have protected Henry from him?” Peter asked. We were surrounded by lost boys. Felix took Henry. “Talk about a rock and a hard place.”

“I will get my son back. No matter what it takes,” Baelfire stalked up to Peter.

“You’re not getting it. That’s not the problem. You got him. I got him back. It’s the game. Not my point. The real problem for you is there is no escaping Neverland. No one gets off this island without my permission.”

“I’ve done it before. Lucy has too,” Baelfire countered.

I wish he wouldn’t bring me into this. I know Peter would play off this.

“Did you? Look where you are now. It’s like you never left,” Peter said.

“Are you saying you let me go?” Baelfire asked.

“I’m saying everyone is where I want them. And if you’re going to look to Lucy for an escape plan, let’s just say that her friend turned into fish food.”

I closed my eyes and my shoulders slumped over a little. I had convinced one of the mermaids to help me get off the island. She knew she might pay with her life but she wanted to help me anyways. I hate that I’d caused her death.

Two lost boys grabbed Baelfire. Peter’s attention was solely on me know. He walked up to me and to my surprise, he kissed him. He slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me close.

“You were brilliant,” he said, kissing me a second time.

“What?” I asked. What’s he doing?

“Lucy?” Baelfire looked absolutely heartbroken. Oh no. He’s trying to isolate me. Turn everyone against me.

“Baelfire, I had nothing to do with this,” I pleaded. No… I can’t let this happen!

Peter laughed and kept his arm around my waist. “You don’t have to act anymore. I’m going to protect you from them.” He looked over at Baelfire and continued, “Lucy, here, is in love with me. She’d do just about anything to stay here and be happy.”

“No! Baelfire, I swear-”

“You know where to take him. Lucy and I will catch up,” Peter said.

Even if Baelfire didn’t believe him, there would always be a seed of doubt. In all of Peter’s lies, he always kept a small portion of the truth. Baelfire knows that I loved Peter… and that I still do.

All the lost boys left, leaving the two of us alone. It was silent for a moment. Peter brought the fire back to cold wood and ashes. I dreaded what would come next. He doesn’t like to be challenged.

“Now, what shall I do with you?” Peter asked, spinning me around to face the fire. He slid his hand up to my throat and pulled me back against him. He didn’t put any pressure on me. The threat came across just as strong.


“You thought about killing me. That wasn’t very good of you.” He released me and began to pace around the fire. He was toying with me. I know he already had his mind made up.

“I couldn’t have.”

“And why’s that?” He stopped in front of me, tilting his head to the side.

“Because you were right,” I replied. I am in love with him.

Peter smirked and kissed my lips once before taking my hand. He led me through the woods back toward the camp. His silence terrified me. He wasn’t finished.

Most of the lost boys were gone, either out on patrol or asleep. It was just Felix and one boy guarding Henry. Peter nodded to Felix before shoving me over to him. “Take her to the pit.”

“Gladly,” Felix said and picked me up over his shoulder. I hit his back.

“Peter! Please.” I begged. The pit was a hidden hole in the ground. It was cold and dark. He’d made it for me. Especially for me. He knew I feared being alone.

“You have to learn. You’re mine, Lucy,” Peter replied.

I beat on Felix’s back all the way to the pit. He just laughed until I stabbed him in the back with a stick I’d grabbed off a tree we passed. He dropped me onto the ground and took a hold of my hair.

“Keep fighting me. I love it,” Felix jerked me beside him until we reached the pit. He shoved me into it. I hit the hard ground with a good deal of force. “Sleep tight.”

I sat down and leaned against the dirt wall as he latched the wooden top. It wasn’t necessary. There was no way to get out. It was just to torture me. Peter had placed this in dense woods so there would be no moonlight. I shivered and pulled my jacket around me tighter.

I have to play his game, at least until Emma and Father come for Henry and me. Peter never lets his guard down, except when he’s convinced that I’m compliant. He was right that I loved him. I wonder if that could ever be enough for him. If he could ever settle for just me.

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