Three Makes a Set

I ran away six years ago, away from London, off his grid. Mycroft showed up at my apartment and now here I am, back in London. Sherlock is upset with me and I can't go anywhere without being badgered by one one of them. If only I wasn't a Holmes. Karissa Holmes, held against her will by overbearing brothers. I'm not safe here. I'm more vulnerable than ever.


4. Chapter 4

I stared at myself in the mirror. This was going to hurt. It was taking me way too long to convince myself to just do it. Leaning back to look out of the bathroom door, I saw the time. 8:17. Benjamin would be here to get me in thirteen minutes. He was never late and he had a key if I didn't answer the door.

On the counter of the sink, an old razor blade, gauze, and some medical tape were lined up in a row. I'd stolen the razor blade from one of my old disposable razors. The gauze and tape were harder to come by.

I slipped off my t-shirt and picked up the razor. There was only a small scar indicating where the tracking chip had been inserted. I knew it wasn't right under the skin because I couldn't feel it when I ran my fingers over it. Which means that I have to cut deep and get into the muscle.

Turning sideways so I could see what I was doing in the mirror, I pressed the tip of the blade down hard and slowly drug it through the muscle. There was more blood than I had anticipated. It slid down my back, my legs and dripped on the floor.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming. By the time I finished the cut, I was hunched over. A few deep breaths. I'm not sure that's the worst part. The chip still has to be removed.

If you've ever had to stick your fingers inside a gash on the human body, you know how disgusting it feels. The muscle that I was digging into tensed up in pulses. It was warm and slippery. Plus, it fucking hurt.

I think I'm going to puke.

When my fingers touched something metal, I sighed with relief. I gently pulled it out and set it on the sink.

Suck it, Mycroft.

I stepped into the shower and washed the blood off my body with cold water while I pressed a wet wash cloth over the gash. There wasn't a lot of time to wrap it and I'm not doctor. But it would have to do.

Cleaning up didn't take long. I stuffed all the bloody items into an old tampon box and hid it under a few items in the garbage. Benjamin wouldn't look in it. He says it's gross. It's no wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend.

He knocked on the door. "Karissa, you ready?"

"Just about." I rinsed off the chip and stuck it in my bra before opening the door. I made it a practice to never be completely ready on time. I had on shorts, a t-shirt, socks, and one tennis shoe that was untied.

Benjamin did his secret inspection of my room. Basically, neither of us acknowledged out loud that it was happening.

"Now are you ready?" Benjamin asked with a grin. He exited the bathroom like he'd used it but I know he was searching.

"Yeah, help me up." I held out my hands and he pulled me up. This was it. My plan to escape finally in motion. I ditched the tracker along the beginning of the trail.

Running with a gash in your shoulder is not ideal. It sucks. I had to focus on not looking like I was in pain or passing out. It burned. I knew it was bleeding through the gauze.

I had to pace myself. It was only 200 yards until I had to lose Benjamin. Glancing over at him, I noted he wasn't paying attention, like usual. He had headphones in that were blasting Indie Rock. Go figure.

He wasn't prepared when I broke out into a sprint. He yelled my name. Once I rounded the corner, I counted in my head.




Sliding down a small hill, I rolled under a big bush .




"Karissa!" Benjamin shouted as he came around the corner. "Shit!" He cursed more under his breath. I could imagine him running his hand through his hair like he did when he was stressed. He stopped, probably looking around. I could hear his heavy breathing.

I covered my mouth with my hand. I was out of breath and there were sticks jabbing into me in uncomfortable places. I closed my eyes, listening to him yell for me again. Sorry, Ben.

Finally, he took off running. I laid still for a few more moments. I couldn't risk waiting anymore. After a few runs on this trail, I had estimated it would take Benjamin fifteen minutes to reach the house and have a signal. Then this trail would be crawling with Mycroft's men.

I dusted myself off and checked the wound. Blood coated my fingers. I should find a doctor in the near future. First things first, I wiped away the leaves over the old manhole. It wasn't used anymore and I doubted that Mycroft even knew it existed. I'd spotted it when Benjamin and I were resting and I "accidentally" knocked his phone out of his hand and it rolled down the hill.

The lid hit the ground with a thud. It wouldn't matter if they found my escape route. I would either get away and off the grid or if they found me, which was highly unlikely, then I wouldn't be allowed out this far anyways. I knew he wouldn't catch me. I'd planned for everything. I was a Holmes after all.


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