Three Makes a Set

I ran away six years ago, away from London, off his grid. Mycroft showed up at my apartment and now here I am, back in London. Sherlock is upset with me and I can't go anywhere without being badgered by one one of them. If only I wasn't a Holmes. Karissa Holmes, held against her will by overbearing brothers. I'm not safe here. I'm more vulnerable than ever.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

            It’s been a long time since I’ve been in in London, or England for that matter. I’d done the seemingly impossible, I’d escaped. No one simply fell off Mycroft’s grid. But I did and I never planned on returning. It’d taken almost six years but I knew that someday he’d catch up with me. My luck had to run out sometime.

            I lived the United States now, after moving multiple times from places like Spain and Australia. I had just returned to my apartment that I shared with my friend Mari. She liked to have “friends” over from time to time; doing god knows what in her room. She lived a very unique life, one that kept others away. It seemed to me the best place to hide.

            I wasn’t sure if she’d be home or not, though it was her turn to watch the neighbor’s kid. She was a sweet lady that worked double shifts a lot. She paid us a hundred bucks a night to watch Lena. I shifted the grocery bags in hands so that I could stick my key into the door handle. With some effort, it clicked and I kicked it open. The lights in the living room were on. Something felt weird.

            “Mari, I got your special cereal you wanted…” I stopped at the entry. Across the room in the arm chair, sat my worst nightmare. Mari awkwardly sat on the couch with Lena.

            “Carson, who is this?” Mari asked. I’d never heard her sound afraid. This wasn’t just anyone though. Nations trembled at the power that he possessed.

            “Well, little sister, we finally get to have a proper chat.” Mycroft said. For a moment I stood completely shocked. Then I remembered how much I hated him. What he’d done to me and I snapped back to reality. I narrowed my eyes at him.

            “Get out.” I ordered.

            “Come now, we can be civil about this.” Mycroft spoke, settling back into the armchair.

            “Mari, take Lena out. A few choice words are about to be said.” I said. Mari stood up and left. And left as in, left the apartment. Probably good thinking.

            “Carson Mullins. You’re eleventh alias in the past six years. I would applaud you for your uncanny ability to disappear but you know…” Mycroft trailed off. I set the grocery bags down on the couch and gritted my teeth. I hated it when he treated me like a child.

            “Don’t patronize me.” I argued.

            “I wouldn’t dare. Now go pack your things, we’re leaving.” Mycroft said. That made me even angrier. It was like I was five all over again. Him telling me what to do because he was the oldest. Despite that, I laughed. I couldn’t stop it and obviously it took Mycroft by surprise.

            “Did you think you could just show up and make me leave? Why don’t I make you a cup a tea while you wait? I’m not a child. I’m 21, a legal adult and you can’t make me do anything. I suggest you leave. It’s been most unpleasant to see you brother.” I snapped. Mycroft rose from the chair to his full 6’1 height. He towered over my small 5’2 height. Tiny but mighty just happened to be my motto.

            “It was not a request. We are leaving for London, and you, Karissa Renee Holmes are coming.” He used his official government voice. The one that would cause full compliance from just about everyone. Everyone but me. I wouldn’t cave to that anymore. I’d come much too far.

            I scoffed and turned to retrieve the gun under the table by the door. Maybe if I shot him, he’d leave. Mycroft grabbed my arm, jabbing a needle into my arm. I jerked loosed and stumbled back.

            “What did you give me?” I asked, the words coming out slurred. I felt dizzy and the room blurred. I blinked rapidly, trying to counteract the effects of the drug.

            “It’s a mild sedative. You’ll be perfectly fine.” Mycroft said. I stumbled toward the door. I might be able to get outside and then…and then I’d…. I thought I was about to puke. I fell to my knees. “Sleep now, little dragon. You’re safe.” The last words I heard before the world went black.

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