Saving Moriarty

There's a line between being someone's wife and being Jim Moriarty's wife. It's been 14 years and I haven't thought about how much I missed my freedom. I gave up everything to become his. I'm Melanie Moriarty. Here's my story.


8. Chatper 8

Chapter 8

Jim stayed with me for two full weeks almost never leaving me alone for more than a few hours. He took me out to many of the beautiful sites in and around the city. When I would cook dinner, he would always be there. It felt more and more like we were married with each passing day.

I understood what he was doing. Being around me and showing so much affection made my hormones race. It was about getting me pregnant, and he knew that I craved his affection. At the moment, I didn't care that he was doing it for that reason. I deserved to feel happy, even if it's just for a few weeks. Even if I know that it isn't real.

I stood in the bathroom, looking at anything but the pregnancy test lying upside down on the counter top. Jim wanted to take me to the doctor. He didn't trust these tests. I'd snuck a few in. I needed to know before Jim did. I took a deep breath and tapped my fingers on the sink while I waited. This could end like the first time.


The light shining into my eyes burned. The world around me felt distant. A loud ringing was the only sound I could hear at first. Again, the bright light was shone into one eye and then the other one.

"26, female, four months pregnant, responsive," I heard a man say into his walkie talkie. He smiled at me when I opened my eyes. "We're taking you to the hospital, ma'am. Can you tell me your name?"

"Melanie," I said. My voice didn't sound like mine. It was scratchy and hurt to speak.

"We're going to take good care of you, Melanie," He said, standing up. The ambulance had stopped. The driver assisted him in getting the gurney out.

As they rolled me down the hall, I felt a strong pain in my abdomen. The baby. I must have cried out in pain because the nurse told me that I would be okay. But I knew that I wouldn't be. Not if…

"I need to call my husband," I said, breathing heavily. Jim would fix this. He always knew how to fix it.

"We will do that shortly—"

"Now. I want my mobile now," I demanded. I had learned a few things from Jim over the years. Sometimes it was necessary to be like him. It usually got me what I wanted.

"I've already contacted your emergency contact, Ms. Kestler. Your mother and father are on their way," Dr. Novak said. He nodded at the nurse, who started to put a mask over my nose and mouth. The gas started to take effect before I could protest. My parents?

I had no idea how much time had passed, but the hospital room wasn't empty when I awoke. Both of my parents had bloodshot and puffy eyes from where they'd been crying. My mother stood up first, shakily, and approached me.

"My baby…" Her voice shook. She reached out and touched my arm.

"I stopped being your baby when you sold me to a criminal," I said softly but the harshness remained. It's been years since I'd seen my parents. I was still bitter and angry toward them.

"Melanie, we never meant to push you away." Dad got up next, putting his arm around mum who had collapsed into sobs again.

"You did. The moment you decided that fixing Evan's problems were more important than my life. The only reason you're here is because I was brought to this hospital. Jim retains a personal doctor for me. I don't want you here."

It upset my mother more but I didn't care. No part of me missed them. They easily tossed me aside to save Evan. Jim gave me a choice. My parents didn't. I knew now that if I had said no to Jim all those years ago, that he would not have forced it on me.

A different doctor came in with a nurse, both of them with solemn looks. He looked down at the file in his hand and cleared his throat. "Ms. Kestler."

"Mrs. Moriarty. I'm married. I'd like to call my husband," I said. Jim would find who did this. He would make it safe again.

"Mrs. Moriarty…" He cleared his throat again and flipped through the few pages in the file more. "Uh…"

"I've lost the baby," I said for him. I could feel it. Nothing felt the same inside me. The whole room went deadly silent.

"Yes, but we have to induce the labor."

"I know. When do you have me scheduled?"

"Now, if you're ready," He said. He must be a new doctor. That would explain his complete lack of bedside manner. He wouldn't directly look at me, either. He only glanced at the wall around me.

"I don't think that any mother is ready to give birth to her dead baby," I replied. The nurse's mouth dropped open slightly and she nudged him with her elbow. As he fumbled for some words, I held up my hand. "Take me now. But I want the nurse to find my mobile phone and call my husband, Jim Moriarty."

After seven hours of horribly painful labor and heavy bleeding, they allowed me to hold my little baby boy. The nurses only left me alone when they told me that Jim had arrived. It was quite between us for a moment.

"Who did this?" I asked, my voice cracking. I knew this wasn't an accident. It was an attack on my life, and on Jim.

"I will find them and I will make them suffer," Jim assured me, sitting on the edge of the bed. He gently placed his hand on the side of my face and stroked my cheek with his thumb. "Tell me what happened, Melanie."

I looked up from my baby to his eyes. In his own way, Jim cared for me. He always kept me safe and anything I could ever want was mine. "There was an explosion on our floor. I… I had gone out to the store. The cab driver called me back after I'd gotten halfway up the stairs. I'd left one of my bags in the backseat. When I started back down, that's when the bomb went off… Was anyone else hurt?"

Jim took my baby and set it on the tray beside the bed. "A few were injured. The worst was the postman. The trip wire for the bomb was a lazar line and the mail set it off."

"It was in the apartment?" I asked, shaking my head a little. That meant… it wasn't just a threat to Jim.

"Yes," Jim answered. "Someone was trying to kill you."

"Oh Jim," I covered my face with my hands and let myself cry. I had plenty of reasons to.

Jim gently wrapped his arms around me and cradled me against him. He rocked us a little, stroking my hair. "This will never happen again. I promise you I will keep you safe, my dear."

We had a funeral the next night. Most of the tenants from our building came. All the condolences in the world couldn't fill the hole in my heart. Whoever took my baby from me would pay for it. I would make sure of that.


My phone beeped. The two minutes of waiting had felt like an eternity. I looked at myself in the mirror. Was I ready to have a baby if the test was positive? Little James never got a chance at life. I knew that I wouldn't survive another miscarriage.

I held the test tightly in my shaking hands. Jim called for me for a second time. The appointment was in twenty minutes. I had to know now. I opened my hands to peak at it.



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