Saving Moriarty

There's a line between being someone's wife and being Jim Moriarty's wife. It's been 14 years and I haven't thought about how much I missed my freedom. I gave up everything to become his. I'm Melanie Moriarty. Here's my story.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

            Dinner went by without a hitch. We went to some fancy restaurant with a French name that I couldn’t pronounce. My nerves were gradually growing. He hadn’t once mentioned Sherlock and that’s what terrified me. He silently got into the limo, instructing the driver on where to go. He typed a message on his phone then stuck it into the pocket of his suit.

            “Did you have a nice chat with Sherlock today?” Jim asked, turning to look at me. A chill went through my body.

            “I didn’t really chat. He did.” I mumbled. My voice was slowly losing strength. I averted my eyes to the floor. This was going south. I could feel it.

            “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” Jim ordered. I hated being so compliant sometimes but I knew how he could be. “Did you speak to him?” I nodded. “Did I specifically tell you that you weren’t to do so?”

            “Jim, I barely said anything. Most of it consisted of telling him to leave me alone.” I replied. I also hated it when he treated me like a child.

            “Answer the question.” He demanded, grabbing my chin. Apologize, my mind screamed. The old Melanie sparked inside me.

            “It wasn’t my fault. You’re overreacting. Don’t touch me.” The words flew out before I could stop them. If that wasn’t enough, I shoved him away from me. Turning to look out the window, I noticed the limo had stopped moving.

            I knew this warehouse. I knew the man standing by the black sedan, smoking a cigarette. Jim got out of the limo and walked around to my side. Fear spread over my body like ice. Sebastian Moran dropped his cigarette and came over as well. Jim exchanged a few words with him before heading toward the building.

            “Get out.” Sebastian said, holding the door open. I couldn’t get my body to move. I might as well have been sitting in a tar pit. Sebastian grabbed fistful of my hair and jerked me out of the limo. I scrapped my knees on the pavement. “I enjoy when you resist, Melanie.”

            Sebastian kept a firm grip on my hair and drug me behind him. I couldn’t stand up straight and it was extremely hard to keep from stumbling on the entire walk inside. Memories of this place flooded over me.  My heart began to beat faster.

            Sebastian took me down a flight of stairs, making sure to hit my head on the railing a few times. In the basement, he shoved me into the chair in the center of the room. He tied the straps around my wrists, pulling them extra tight. He bent and did the same with my ankles.

            “You’re my favorite of Jim’s pets.” Sebastian started. He picked up a syringe on the table. He strolled back over to me. “I mean, you’re the only one with restraints. Like I can’t cut into your pretty face or use half the tools I normally enjoy. But I do get to use this.” He held up the syringe.

            I started to panic. I wanted to run but the tight straps reminded me that I was trapped. Squirming around, I watched as Sebastian’s smirk turned into a wide grin. He took out his box of cigarettes and lit one. He blew out a puff smoke. My eyes turned back to the syringe and my breathing hitched.

            “Good, you do remember.” Sebastian knelt in front of me. He set the syringe between my thighs and took a hold of the hem of my dress. “It’s tempting.” He jerked. “You being tethered to this chair.” And again. “The things I could do to this petite little body. How I could make you scream for me to stop.” With the third jerk, he ripped through the thick hem of the dress.

            I knew better than to beg. Jim hated it and Sebastian got off on it. He stopped ripping my dress when he uncovered my abdomen. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and smiled again. I tried to shut out the pain like I used to. I tried to retreat inside myself. His laugh struck my body to the very core. He enjoyed this and it made me sick.

            “Not even a small protest? Scream, Melanie. For me?” He pressed the cigarette on top of my thigh. I let out a muffled scream, biting my lip to keep the rest inside. “Better.” He leaned in, taking in a deep breath. “I can smell the fear radiating off your body. Now,” He picked up the syringe. “This will only hurt for a moment, but you’ll be out of it for a while. Be a good girl and hold still.”

            I couldn’t. Of course I didn’t want to be drugged but I hated needles. Not only that, this drug would cause me to black out. I would be awake for every bit of what Sebastian had planned but I wouldn’t remember it when the drugs wore off. Bits and pieces would come in spurts but some of it may never return.

            “It’s a higher dose than you’re used to. Jim ordered an 80 mg instead of your usual 40.” Sebastian stuck the short needle into the abdominal muscle. The liquid Ketamine iced through my body and I gradually became less aware of my surroundings.

            I had flashes of Sebastian. I saw Jim saying something to me I couldn’t hear. I sat up with heaviness in my body. I couldn’t completely feel my body but the concrete floor was cold. The drug still had a few hours before I would be completely able to comprehend everything. The light from the door being opened told me where I was.

            “You’re awake. Good. We can have a short chat.” Jim spoke, striding over to me. “Stand up.”

            I forced myself to my feet. I wobbled, unable to stand completely upright. A second later, I fell back onto the floor. The room spun. If you could call it a room. It was more like a closet.

            “Very well.” Jim crouched in front of me. He took a hold of my face with both hands. “What have you learned?”

            My mind remained groggy and my mouth felt so dry I had force out an answer. It was the answer he wanted and the one I knew was absolutely true. “I’m yours.”

            “That’s right.” Jim replied. I could see the cold in his eyes. He wanted compliance in every way. “I can do whatever I please with you. I can give you everything you could ever desire or I can break you into a million pieces.”

            He leaned in to whisper the next part into my ear. “I own you, Melanie. Don’t ever forget that, dear.” Venom dripped from his voice. With that, Jim stood and walked to the door.

            I tried to follow. I only got a foot further before I couldn’t move forward anymore. My right arm had a shackle around it. I remembered this room. The room of my nightmares. The small dark hole that was shrouded in darkness not even the brightest light could penetrate. It could be completely silent and that was when it was the worst. I could feel how utterly alone I was. I was at the complete mercy of the ketamine drug.

            The worst part of it was that I knew the voices weren’t real but the whispers made me pull my knees up to my chest as close as possible. I covered my ears in attempt to block them out. How can you block out what isn’t real?

            “Go away. Go away.” I mumbled. Louder and louder. The flashed of Sebastian’s smirk and the knife he had in his hand in conjunction with the voices cause me to give in. I gave Sebastian exactly what he wanted. Sobs racked my entire body and I screamed. Over and over and over, wanting it to stop. But deep inside, I knew it never would.


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