Saving Moriarty

There's a line between being someone's wife and being Jim Moriarty's wife. It's been 14 years and I haven't thought about how much I missed my freedom. I gave up everything to become his. I'm Melanie Moriarty. Here's my story.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

                It had taken a full week to pick out a new flat and another week to move in all of the things from my old flat into this one. It was in the high class side of London and had four levels in total. I fell in love with it when I found there was a small library room. I had to buy clothes as Jim wanted but in return he was going to stock my library. It wasn’t like I didn’t have the money for it. No matter what I purchased; it would barely put a dent in the amount in the account.

                I could have hired people to unload everything for me but I didn’t know how long Jim would be gone. I spend my days unpacking and my nights shopping online for clothes and books. Once I had situated most of the furniture and unpacked all the dishes and décor, I had more free time. The things I had ordered came in every few days but it wouldn’t take but a few hours to put it all away.

                A month after I’d moved in, I decided to go out shopping for the first time. I needed the fresh air. There were multiple balconies in the flat but there’s just something about walking around the streets of London. I bought a few things at various outlets before going inside the store that sold Westwood suits.

                The store had two levels and I don’t think I’d ever seen so many clothes in one place. I wandered around for a bit, looking at all the suits. Jim had a lot of these. I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to shop for clothes to match these suits.

                “Can I help you?” A woman asked. Her name tag read Jennifer and her face looked like she was about to ask me to leave. At the moment, I didn’t look like I belonged in here. I mean, I didn’t look like a bum but I had on a plain peach colored dress with white lace leggings and peach colored flats.

                “Oh…uh, my husband owns a lot of these suits. I’m looking for some things that will go together with them.” I replied. Jennifer broke out into a huge smile. She took ahold of my arm.

                “Well your husband must have good taste. Come with me. I’ve already got some outfits in mind.” Jennifer took me back to the dressing room.

                The next two hours consisted of me trying on dresses, and jeans with different tops along with different shoes and accessories. It’s more exhausting than unpacking. Jennifer went to ring up all my things while I changed back into my peach dress. Making my way up to the register, I ran into a lady.

                “I’m so sorry!” We both said in unison. Taking a better look, I recognized her. Molly…something. Jim had pretended to date her to get close to Sherlock. I remember the complaints about her. He could have said she looked like a toad and I still would have been jealous.

                “Are you alright?” Molly asked.

                “Yes, I’m fine. I’d better be going.” I mumbled. I turned to see Mary standing behind me. Mary Morstan. I’d met her before.

                “Melanie?” Mary asked. She was holding a Westwood suit in her hands. An ugly one at that. Probably for John. I think Jim said they got married.

                “Hello, Mary.” I replied, forcing a smile. She leaned in, giving me a quick hug.

                “You look well. I’m just here picking up this for John. He needs a new suit.” Mary said. I took pity on her. Despite the fact that I wanted nothing more than to leave, I decided to help her.

                “That’s not the one you should get. It’s too dark. A lighter brown would go better. Something like this.” I went and picked up another suit, holding it out to her. Mary smiled, taking it from me.

                “I guess you are the expert.” Mary commented. I averted my eyes to the floor. I nodded and walked up to the register. Mary said it was good to see me and I returned the polite gesture. I pulled out my wallet and handed Jennifer my card. On the floor sat six huge bags next to my four small bags that I had brought in with me.

                “If you’ll just sign here. Do you need some help getting these to a cab?” She asked as I scribbled my name on the receipt. I’d spent over 4,000 pounds.

                “I’ll be helping her out today.” Sherlock’s voice came from behind me. I froze. I tried to grab all of my bags but Sherlock beat me to it. He had all six bags in his hands. I picked up the remaining four.

                “That’s really not necessary. I can…manage.” I had to take twice as many steps to keep up with his long strides and try to keep my balance at the same time. Mary had to have called him. She only spoke to me to stall me, most likely.

                “Nonsense. It’s approximately a fifteen minute walk to your new flat. You wouldn’t make it four blocks with all these bags. A cab isn’t an option. You obviously don’t like them.” Sherlock stated and slowed his pace.

                “How do you know where I live?” I asked. I hadn’t even changed my address on any of the postage.

                “It’s my job.” Sherlock looked down at me. “It puzzles me that Moriarty would marry….”

                “Someone like me?” I finished. Sherlock gave a curt nod. That was a little rude.

                “You’re extremely clumsy and you have social anxiety. As far as beauty goes, you are above average but I doubt that would have made a difference to Moriarty.” Did he just call me pretty? I didn’t know that he was capable of such a comment.

                “You must not know Jim as well as you thought you did.” I replied.

                “I know how he thinks and I did some research on you. You were a smart kid, top of your class even though you graduated early. You were accepted into Oxford at age 17 but declined and married Moriarty instead. I find it hard to believe that you’d throw away your future for marriage.” Sherlock said. He’d researched me? That’s a little terrifying. My past was supposed to be hidden. Jim didn’t like certain information getting out.

                “Well you don’t know me either. If you’ll just give those bags to the doorman, you can be on your way.” I ordered. My voice came out a little shaky. I never liked to boss people around. As I turned to go inside, Sherlock grabbed my arm.

                “Does the name Carl Powers mean anything to you?” My whole body tensed up. He couldn’t know about that.

                “No” I forced out.

                “We both know you do. Tell me about him.” Sherlock said. I tore my arm loose from his grip.

                “Don’t ever touch me again.” I said. I walked inside the building and took the slow elevator up to the flat. My heart raced. Once inside, I bolt locked the door. Relax, Melanie. He doesn’t know. Jim promised you that you’d be safe. Has he ever gone back on his word? It’ll be fine.

                Going into my bedroom, I noted the rose and note on the bed. I set down my things and treaded over. Smelling the rose, I read the note.

My Dear Melanie,

I’ve got business to attend to.

Relax in the Jacuzzi for a bit and when I return I’m going to treat you to dinner.

You’ve done well with the upgrading.

See you soon,


                Jacuzzi? I followed the trail of rose petals into the bathroom. The whole thing had been redone. I’d only been gone half the day. Only Jim could get this done in that amount of time. The Jacuzzi had already been filled and had the most expensive bottle of that aroma soap sitting beside it. I felt of the water, the perfect temperature. I could hear Chopin softly playing over the speakers. I poured the soap into the water, allowing it turn into bubbles.

                I undressed and got in. I didn’t realize how stressed and tense I’d been feeling but it all melted away. The soothing aroma of the soap and my favorite classical composer was enough to almost put me to sleep. Oddly enough, the water remained this temperature the whole time I was laying there.

                With my eyes closed and my concentration focused on the music, I didn’t hear someone walk in the room. It was only when I felt someone kiss my forehead that I cracked open my eyes. Jim stood up straight, a slight smile on his face.

                “I hate to disturb your moment of bliss. We have reservations in an hour.” Jim said. I reluctantly got out, wrapping a towel around me. Walking into my closet, I sifted through the clothes, settling on a dark blue, high neck, sleeveless, sheer dress. I put on a light layer of makeup and ran a straightener through my hair. I sighed, staring at myself in the mirror.

                “You look lovely.” Jim said from behind me. I watched him through the mirror as he approached me. He slipped a necklace around my neck. “I found this while I was away.”

                “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I replied. Jim offered me his arm and escorted me out of the flat. As usual there was a sleek black limo waiting outside. What Sherlock had said still lingered in my mid. I was sure there would be a conversation about it. I was out on a date with my husband for the first time since he’d faked his death. There was nowhere else I wanted to be.

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