Saving Moriarty

There's a line between being someone's wife and being Jim Moriarty's wife. It's been 14 years and I haven't thought about how much I missed my freedom. I gave up everything to become his. I'm Melanie Moriarty. Here's my story.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I paced back and forth inside the flat. I should just leave it. There’s no need to deliver it personally. It’s not like they will care to meet me. I fiddled with the file in my hand. I could leave it on the desk with a note maybe. Oh god, why was I doing this to myself? The sound of the door opening told me that I was too late to change my mind.

                “Sherlock, are you even listening to me? You can’t do that to people” John protested. I heard them ascending the stairs. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. You can do this. He trusted you to do this. I smoothed down my shirt and tucked a stray black strand of hair behind my ear. Deep breaths.

                “He was an idiot, John.” Sherlock’s voice argued. The door slammed open causing me to jump. Sherlock stormed into the room, collapsing into his chair, seemingly not noticing me in the room.

                “For god’s sake—who are you? How did you get in here?” John asked. He reached around, pulling a gun from his waistband. I quickly held up my hands, as if that would stop the flight of a bullet. My breaths became strained.

                “No…um…I’m sorry…I just—” My brain couldn’t force out any complete sentences. I hadn’t been told that this was dangerous.  Oh geez. I don’t want to be shot.

                “Relax, John. The woman is about to have a panic attack. She’s unarmed. You have something for me, I assume.” Sherlock replied.

                “She broke into your flat.” John protested, lowering the gun a little.

                “Please don’t shoot me.” I forced out. Don’t beg, my dear. I couldn’t shut out the tiny voice.

                “And she waited for us to leave to do so. Really, John. Does she look very threatening? Now, what is it you have for me?” Sherlock stood, facing me.

                “I…a list. I have a list of names… a partial list.” I rambled. Sherlock snatched it out of my hand and flipped it open.

                “A partial list of what?” John asked.

                “Some of Jim’s contacts. Well…people who worked for him. Not part of his network that you disbanded but just… others… I should be going.” I bent down to retrieve my purse, effectively dumping everything out of it and knocking over a stack of papers. I tried to catch them but it was too late. “Oh…I’m so…I’m such an idiot.”

                “How do you have a list of Moriarty’s contacts?” John had put the gun away and strode over to assist me. I stacked the papers back as best I could. I needed to get out. I wasn’t supposed to talk to them this much. Deliver the file to Sherlock and leave. That’s what he said.

                “Obvious.” Sherlock muttered.

                “Right. I’ll just…” I stuffed all my things back into my purse and stood, brushing my hair back. I made a beeline for the door. I got halfway down the stairs before I heard Sherlock continue.

                “She’s Moriarty’s wife, John.  Didn’t you see the ring?” Sherlock asked.

                As I exited the flat, the cold air felt good on my skin. That had gone better than I expected, besides the fact that I made a complete fool of myself. I shouldn’t care but I did. Moriarty’s wife, John, Sherlock’s voice echoed.  I tried to get a cab but none would stop. With a heavy sigh, I decided to walk home. Could I have embarrassed myself anymore? No wonder Jim didn’t take me out to meet people.

                I opened the door to my flat and flipped on the light switch. I set down my purse and slipped off my coat. The window was slightly cracked and I could see a light in the living room. That could only mean one thing.

                “Did he take it?” Jim’s voice floated to me. I quietly treaded into the living room, seeing him sitting on the black, leather chair typing away on his phone.

                “Yes. He also knew who I was.” I replied. He flashed a grin.

                “Good, good. He doesn’t know I’m alive either then.” Jim continued. I twisted my hands, the nerves returning.

                “No. Do you want some tea? Or something to eat? I’m not sure what I have…we could order take-away—” I rambled on. Jim rose from the chair, clad in one of his expensive suits. He made me feel much underdressed in my jeans and flowery blouse.

                “I can’t stay, dear. I’ve got a flight to catch.” He said.

                “You’re leaving?” I must’ve looked like a deer in headlights. Jim walked over, brushing my hair back and smiling.

                “I’ve got business to attend to. Don’t worry; I’ll be back for you.”

                “What am I to do while you’re gone?” I asked. Since we got married, I rarely had any free time to myself. Always with Jim, doing something for him.

                “Whatever you like. I’ve left you a credit card. But do buy yourself some new clothes. Only brand names will do.” Jim said. He had a light tone but I knew he wanted it done. He wouldn’t be happy when he returned if I hadn’t. I’d spent enough time around him to know that he gets what he wants, no matter what.

                “I can do that. Thank you.” I smiled. Jim kissed my cheek and said a quick goodbye before leaving. The second the door closed I collapsed on the couch. Time to myself? I didn’t think that was possible. Besides, even though Jim isn’t here, I had a feeling he’d be watching me. He has connections everywhere. 

                Against my better judgment, I picked up the card on the table. Melanie Moriarty. I’d received everything Jim owned since he’s suicide. I knew he had a fancy flat somewhere in London and god knows where else in the world but I’d never wanted a big flat and for a while, Jim didn’t care simply because he was always on the go. I dialed the number to my real estate agent.

                “Hello. I’d like to put my flat up for sell.” I said. No sooner had I hung up, my phone dinged.

I’ve only just left- JM

I’ve decided to upgrade. I think you’ll approve.-MM

You know me too well-JM

A moment passed before my phone dinged again.

And stay away from Sherlock Holmes.-JM

Even through a text, he could sound terrifying. Besides, I’d be too busy “Upgrading” to deal with anything else. I had thought once before that I could get out of this marriage with Jim but I had been wrong. I learned to accept it and make the most of it. He wasn’t the most loving person. Honestly I’d never heard him say he loved me. But he was kind to me. I’d never had to work and I always got everything I could ever want. Except freedom. I’d never be free.

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