I've been shipped off to live with Sherlock Holmes, a friend of my Uncle John's. I'm Claudia Watson, I have a boyfriend, Alex, who is much older than me and happens to friends with Sebastian Moran. Sherlock is a loon but at least we have some of the same habits. Things can't get any worse for me.


3. Chapter 3

                The argument wasn’t really that. Sherlock made me extremely uncomfortable with his disapproving looks and mostly silence. The only time he spoke was to counter anything I had to say. It went on for a good half hour before I gave up. More silence.

                “I’m going to my room,” I said after way too much time had passed. I slowly got up. Even when I looked back at the doorway, he didn’t speak. His eyes never left me.

                Once safely in my room, I checked my messages on my phone. One was from Sebastian, asking me to do a drop for him. A second was from Alex, wanting me to call him. Lastly, I had a text from an unknown number.

-I hate that our evening was cut short. I will arrange another soon, dear. –JM

                I chewed on my lip and sat down on my bed. Deciding against calling Alex right now, I pulled out my laptop. Time to do some research. I had to know more about Jim Moriarty. I typed in his name just to see what pops up.


                James Moriarty? More Nothing.

                Consulting Criminal? Did you mean consulting detective? It brought up Sherlock’s weird website and John’s blog but nothing else.

                I was searching through the 463 page of the google search results when I heard my phone buzz. The dark depths of the internet had still come up with no results. I laid back on the bed and sigh. He doesn’t exist. Which isn’t possible.

                I checked my phone when it beeped again.

-Researching me? –JM

                I leaned up just a little to look at my computer screen. How did he know that?

-Did you hack my computer? –CW

-Ask me, Claudia. –JM

                I stared at my screen. Ask him what? Before I could respond my window opened, startling me. Alex climbed in. I snapped my computer lid shut and locked my phone.

                “I was going to call you,” I said, standing up. Is he mad at me about earlier? I really hope not.

                Alex grabbed my cheeks and kissed me roughly. “My brilliant Claudia.”

                “What?” I barely got it out. Alex kept kissing me. He slid his hand down to my waist and guided me back against the wall.

                “I don’t know what you did with Moriarty, but keep it up.”

                “Alex, you aren’t making any sense!”

                “We’re rich, babe. He referred me. He gave my name to the biggest client this side of the country,” Alex said.

                “Are you serious?” I pushed him back enough to look at him. He’s not serious. He’s messing with me. He’s been trying for months to even see the guy. And now he’s just in?

                “Completely. Let me celebrate with my sexy, brilliant girl.” Alex kissed my neck, roaming his hands across my body.

                “Alex, we can’t. Not here.” Who knows when someone might show up. Not to mention the living room is right below us!

                “I’ll keep you quiet,” Alex answered, keeping me pinned against the wall.

                “Claudia!” I heard John call for me, coming up the stairs. “Claudia, dinner.” He knocked on the door and tried the handle. At least I’d learned to lock the door. He knocked again when I didn’t answer.

                “Stay with me,” Alex whispered into my ear and slipped his hand down the front of my jeans. He bit at my shoulder.

                I cleared my throat a little. “I’m doing some paperwork for school. I’ll be down in a little while.”

                “It’s warm now,” John said.

                “I can heat it back up,” I replied. Please leave. Please, please leave. Alex covered my mouth with his hand while he continued to get me worked up.

                John stayed outside the door another few seconds. His footsteps faded down the hall and Alex pushed me onto the bed. He was used to getting what he wanted, especially from me.

                He didn’t stay, either. Alex said he had business. He left me again. He did, however, leave me a bag of his new product and stayed around long enough for me to try a small dose. It was high grade. The really good stuff.

                I needed it. When I got down to the kitchen, my food was a little warm so I didn’t bother to heat it up more. John and Mary spoke quietly, obviously about me with the way they’d try to hide the fact that they kept staring at me.

                “What did I do this time?” I asked, setting down my fork.

                John looked at Mary and then answered, “Harry called. She said you weren’t answering your phone.”

                I rolled my eyes, “Because I’m not speaking to her.”


                “This is all their fault! I shouldn’t have to be in the middle of this. I had to leave my house because my mom is a drunk and her soon-to-be ex-wife is a cheating whore! And now I’m stuck living with a smart ass detective!” I yelled.

                The room fell silent. They knew I was right. This was all super unfair to me. I’m being punished for something that isn’t my fault.

                “I’ll tell her you’re angry then,” John said and grabbed his coat. “Get some rest. You look exhausted.”

                With a goodnight from both them, Sherlock and I were the only two the room again. Thankfully, he didn’t say anything. He just sat in his black chair and stared at nothing at all. I found out that he did that a lot.

                I put the leftovers away beside some intestines in the fridge. I’d been assured that it was for research purpose and Sherlock was not the cannibal that I’d accused him of being. Scotland Yard found it a very hilarious case to be called in on.

                “It’s a higher grade,” Sherlock said.

                I’d been washing dishes and I turned around to see him holding my drugs. He’d been snooping in my room. Again.

                “Apparently he’s been holding out on me,” I said, returning to my dishes. I’d proved myself useful, I suppose. More useful than just for his entertainment and pleasure.

                “Seems that way. Do you always engage in sexual activity when your uncle is right underneath you. Or get high right before coming to see him?”

                I turned red. “No. Alex just doesn’t like it when I say no. Normally we’re at his place.  And I needed to relax.”

                “Special occasion then?” Sherlock asked.

                “Something like that.” I dried my hands off. “Can I have my drugs back?”

                “No. I’m testing them,” he answered, putting them into the pocket of his robe. “You’ve already shot up once. That’s plenty for you for tonight.”

                “Whatever.” I wasn’t in the mood for this shit right now. “I’m going to bed.”

                “Stay away from him, Claudia. You’ll regret it if you don’t.” Sherlock stared me down until I felt completely uncomfortable.

                I retreated upstairs to my bedroom. Stay away from Alex? Or Jim? Both? What does he know? He thinks he’s so smart but he doesn’t understand people. Especially me. I typed out a text to Jim.

-Make it soon. I have some questions. –CW

                I showered and did my nightly routine. I checked the window twice to make sure it was locked. Switching the light off, I stayed by the door and surveyed the room. The only light came from the street lamp outside my window. I couldn’t sleep in complete darkness.

                My phone beeped after I crawled into the bed.

-As you wish. –JM

                I closed my eyes but my phone beeped once more.

-No need to be afraid of the dark. The monsters will not bother you, dear Claudia. –JM

                That made me unsettled. How was I supposed to respond to that? I decided not to reply at all. Amongst my unsettled feelings, there was a little bit of safety from that message. Mixed feelings seemed to surround me nowadays. Just… now Jim’s name was right in the center of it.

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