I've been shipped off to live with Sherlock Holmes, a friend of my Uncle John's. I'm Claudia Watson, I have a boyfriend, Alex, who is much older than me and happens to friends with Sebastian Moran. Sherlock is a loon but at least we have some of the same habits. Things can't get any worse for me.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I should go back to Baker Street. I repeated that over and over. I wrapped my coat around myself tighter. Alex walked silently beside me, texting away on his phone. We were on the less attractive side of London. I knew it well, all the streets, and all the best places to do illegal things and not get caught.

            “I thought we were going to get lunch.” I stated. Alex sighed, not bothering to look up from his phone. He was always busy with clients. I happened to be at the top of his list but right now he apparently had more things on his mind than taking me to eat.

            “We are, as soon as we make a stop.” He replied. We walked into a rundown warehouse. A black sedan was parked just outside the other entrance. Sebastian stood with a briefcase on the ground beside him. I didn’t recognize the man standing beside him. He looked very out of place in his fancy suit.

            “You’re late. Afternoon, Claudia.” Sebastian smiled at him. He was considerably older than me than I was. I believe he’s 29, four years older than Alex. He liked me a little too much but I could always get a fix from him at any time I needed it. They were a tag team, Alex handling the money and Sebastian the drugs.

            “Who’s your friend?” I asked. Both Alex and Sebastian look over at me with narrowed eyes. Normally I was quiet unless Sebastian asked me a question. Question lead to unwanted answers.

            “None of your business Claudia.” Alex snapped. He only became cross with me when I overstepped my boundaries. I wasn’t a dealer. There was a time when Alex wouldn’t bring me to these meets but now Sebastian used me to make runs with him. I didn’t like to but he paid me in my favorite drug so I did.

            “Don’t mind them, my dear. Jim Moriarty.” He smiled and stepped forward, offering me his hand. I hesitated but shook it.

            “Claudia Watson.” I replied. It was subtle but I could see a spark in his eyes. What it meant, I couldn’t tell. Alex and Sebastian were discussing a client who hadn’t paid for the last advance they had supplied them with. My stomach rumbled quietly. I hadn’t eaten anything today. I felt my cheeks flush.

            “Claudia—” Alex growled.

            “You said we were going to eat an hour ago.” I mumbled.

            “I’ll take you back to my place.” Sebastian smiled. I rolled my eyes at him. He would feed me alright. Then make me repay him for his kindness. Alex leaned down and whispered in my ear that I needed to keep my mouth shut. He could be frightening a times but he only meant for this to be a business meeting. I was interrupting and he hated that.

            “This could take a while. Come with me and I’ll buy you something then take you home.” Jim offered. My instincts told me to gracefully bow out and walk away or at least stay with Alex. I didn’t know what to say.

            “Go on, Claudia. Leave the business to the big boys. I’m sure Alex won’t mind.” Sebastian said. After an approving nod from Alex, I followed Jim to the black sedan, sitting in the passenger seat. I twisted my hands in my lap as he drove.

            He kept up light conversation as he took me uptown. I’d never been to this Italian restaurant before but the smell inside was heaven. I loved Italian food but fancy Italian food? I could die. After we ordered, Jim excused himself to go talk to some men in the corner both. His phone buzzed. And again. Out of curiosity, I picked it up.

-Will you be dropping by Baker Street? –SH

            SH? He knew Sherlock? That was either really good news or really bad news. I took it upon myself to reply.

-I think so. He’s dropping me off at the very least. –CW

            I hesitated but clicked send. I set the phone back on the table, attempting to put it back exactly as I’d found it. Though, I’m not sure why. He’d see the text I’d sent. My phone buzzed. Go figure, a text from Sherlock.


            So not good news. Shouting through a text message was very ineffective. He made the effort for nothing. Caps lock didn’t scare me.

-We sort of ran into each other. –CW

-You don’t just run into the world’s only consulting criminal. What if John finds out? - SH

-John won’t know if you don’t tell him. –CW

- Baker Street. Now. –SH

            I decided to ignore that text. When I looked up, Jim was returning to the table. I placed my phone into the small pocket in my cardigan. The waiter came over, asking what kind of wine we would like. Jim gave a response before sitting down. I’d never had wine. Whiskey, yeah. Only because I was curious and the cabinet was no longer locked, and I’d never try that again. His phone buzzed.

            “You know Sherlock?” Jim asked. He typed a response before looking up at me.

            “I’m living with him. My uncle is his best friend.” I replied. Jim smiled at me. Now I noticed how good-looking he was. He had to be around Sherlock’s age but damn. He had an attractive aura around him, and it wasn’t only his appearance.

            “Interesting.” Jim said. The waiter returned, pouring wine for the both of us. My phone vibrated. Sherlock was calling me again. Leave me alone, Sherlock.

            “You know I’m underage—” I started. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to try it. I just didn’t want to do it in a crowded restaurant where I could potentially be arrested.

            “It’s only a little wine, my dear. You’re perfectly safe with me.” Jim replied. I picked up the glass. Jim watched me as I swished it around a bit before taking a sip. It tasted sweet. I definitely liked wine. “See, I’d never lead you astray, Claudia.”

            “A phone call for you, Ms. Watson.” The waiter handed me the phone. I rolled my eyes and excused myself from the table.

            “What do you want, Sherlock?” I answered in a rude tone. The woman headed to the bathroom turned to sneer at me. Oh, I’m sorry, is my phone call interrupting your ability to go into the bathroom? Sometimes I forgot how rude people could be.

            “Claudia Watson, you do not speak to an adult that way. What in god’s name are doing?” John’s voice said. Oh great. I’m now royally screwed.

            “Oh, hi John.” I mumbled. I pulled out my phone, silently cursing Sherlock. Who calls a guardian on other people?

-You called John?! – CW

            “Why did I get a text from Sherlock telling me you were missing and ignoring his texts? Then the number I call is at some high class restaurant on the other side of London. What the hell are you trying to do?” John asked. So he hadn’t told on me completely.

-Unless you’d like him to know the truth, you’ll return to the flat. Now. –SH

            “I…Alex took me out for lunch and I forgot to tell Sherlock. My phone is in Alex’s car. He’s overreacting.” I replied. It was only two in the afternoon. He had to be calling me from the office, which meant there was no way for him to check my story.

            “Alright, Claudia. I’ll tell Sherlock. Next time keep your phone with you.” John sighed.

            “I will. I’m sorry for worrying you. Tell Sherlock too.” I said. John said he would and hung up. I returned to the table, feeling utterly embarrassed. We’d just gotten our food. I sat down and saw that it was in a take away box.

            “I assume we have to go. Sherlock’s demanding your return?” Jim asked.

            “Yeah, I’m so sorry. This was a lovely gesture though.” I could feel my cheeks getting hot. Sherlock was such an ass.

            “It’s quite alright. We can have a rain check, if that’s alright.” Jim replied as I slid on my coat. Of course I’d like a rain check. Was he kidding? Didn’t Sherlock say consulting criminal?

            “I’d like that.” I smiled. Once in the car, Sherlock kept texting me asking what street we were on. I groaned. I dreaded the conversation that was about to happen. I’d get yelled at for sure, if not by Sherlock then by John. I looked over at Jim. “Consulting Criminal? What is that supposed to mean.”

            “Lots of things. None you need to worry about right now.”

            “Fair enough. How long have you known Sebastian?”

            “A while. I’m surprised he and Alex brought you to their meet. Sebastian must be fond of you.” Jim said. Sebastian and Alex had known each other for five years before I came to Alex for drugs. Alex took me to the meets because Sebastian wanted to see me. I didn’t particularly like him because I knew what he wanted but I went because Alex said I should.

            “Fond isn’t the word I would use.” I muttered as he parked outside of 221 Baker Street. I could see Sherlock watching form the window. “It was nice meeting you and thanks for lunch. I have to go be murdered now.”

            “The pleasure was all mine, dear.” Jim chuckled. I climbed out of the car and slowly entered the flat. Ascending the stairs, there wasn’t a sound coming from the flat. Sherlock stood behind his black chair, an unreadable expression on his face.

            “Sit.” He said, his eyes following me around the room as I put my take away into the fridge. I sank into the plaid chair, wanting to disappear. He didn’t speak, making me immensely uncomfortable.

            “I’m practically an adult.” I mumbled. Looking up at him, he bore an expression of unamusement.

            “It wouldn’t matter if you were 50, you do not need to associate with Jim Moriarty.” His voice was steady. Unsettlingly so. Almost like the calm before the storm. I could feel an argument about to arise. One that I didn’t foresee myself winning.

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