My Love

Parties . Boys . Love .


2. Welcome to great britian.


"Can you belive it Noelle we are in Great Britain" i said to Noelle " I know talk about dream come true!" she responded. Thats when we heard a knock on the door, It was a very attractive man. He had nice brown hair and a blonde streak in his hair. " Hi im zayn " he said in a sexy british accsent. " I will be your neighbor i heard we got new neighbors so i came to say hey, Do u need help moving any thing?" "Well hey " " and yes thank you " i said. " Ok ill go get my lads ". " ok " . As we moved things into the house , Noelle asked " who was at the door ? " i said one of our nieghbors. Then zayn came back with three other guys. " This is Niall , Louis and Liam " Zayn said. Then he said " Harry couldnt make it but you will meet him later". " ok " i responded. "Lets get to work " . As we moved things into the apartment we heard another knock on the door " Who could that be " i said " Maybe its Harry " Zayn said. So he opened the door. Standing there was a nice attractive man. " Harry , glad you came " " Yah sorry im late i was in the studio " Harry said to Zayn. Then zayn says " were just moving the boxes in side. After like an hour harry says " This is the last box". " Ok thanks" Noelle says. On their way out Zayn stops and says " If you girls need anything at all just call". Then he hands us his number on a piece of paper. " Ok see you later " i say.

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