My Love

Parties . Boys . Love .


3. Unpacking , Or nah !


" Ok Noelle Its time to un pack now" ." Ok , Wanna grab a bite to eat first ?" "Good idea , But where ?" "Maybe we should call Zayn" Noelle says " Yeah " i said. So we did and he said he will come with us and he will pay . He says he knows a really nice place. Zayn picks us up in his car. He drove a red Ferrari. The food was good we all had a hella time. At the end of the day , Harry asked if he could talk to me and i of course said yeah. he says " I know we just met or whatever but do you want to go on a date with me " Thats when i said " Yes where do you want to go "? But simotaniously as i was getting asked out so was Noelle by liam. Im not sure what he said but she was exited. We both said yeah. Harry wanted to either go to the movies or rollor blading then watch a movie at home. He told me to choose. I chose the second and it was a double date. YAY !!!

Time for the date , " Hi Harry " " Hey Mya you look quite cute tonight" "Thanks Harry , You dont look too bad yourself "

"Noelle you look faboulous darling" " Thanks Liam you too"

" Your welcome. "

While we were rollor skating i fell and twisted my ankle , Yeah pretty embarassing." Omg Mya are you ok! " " No ! , I think i broke it ! " After i fell Noelle and liam rushed over to help me. Then one of the people who worked there came over to help me out of the rollor rink. Then we left of to the hospital. " Hi , how can i help you. " The woman at the front desk said. " Yes , can we have a wheel chair ? " The woman pointed to them. Liam grabbed one and Noelle helped me to sit on one while Harry was signing me in. "Mya" the nurse called. " The doctor will see you now". " Ok " said Harry. When i got in the there the doctor said , " What happened ". I said " Rollorskating hapoened , i told her that i fell and twisted my ankle ". The doctor examined my ankle. Moments later she said ... Your ok honey its just a sprang . After that we dove home ...

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