My Love

Parties . Boys . Love .


4. Moviie Tiime

" Finally were home " i said , limping in the house with my crutches. " Yeah " said Liam. " So do u guys want to watch a movie "? Noelle says . Sure we all respond. " What kind of movie ? " says Liam. " How about a Horror movie " ? " Everyone grab some pillows and blanets , Ill get the popcorn. " i said. Ok everyone says simotaniously. Then we picked out a movie , " How about ... both of the insidious movies " i said. That was the movie we watched. Durring the movie i snuggled with Harry , And Noelle snuggled with Liam. Me and Noelle gave eachother The Look. ( the your in look ) . When the first movie ended we got more popcorn. Then that moviie ended. It was about 2 a.m . I offered if Liam and Harry would want to stay the night. They stayed over. But they slept in the living room of course. The next morninng , i made breakfast with Harry. Breakfast was , Eggs , Turkey Bacon , and Pancakes. After breakfast Harry pulled ne off to the side and asked " Can i talk to you "? and i said yeah sure. " I have been thinking , i really like you and ... " " And what ?" i said " And i was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend ¿" " Oh Harry ... i .. id love to " Then i hugged him. " Do you want to hang next weekend ? " " Sure " i said.

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