My Love

Parties . Boys . Love .


5. Monday

" Hey Noelle " " Hiii Mya " Great weekend right ?" " Yeah sooo awsome " On the buss ride there we were just talking about random things when ... I said " Can i tell you something ?" " Sure " said noelle. " Me and Harry are offically Boyfriend and Girfriend " " Yay , Thats great ! " "Really , yah i know. " Since this was the last day of school we did locker clean outs. After about two hours school was over. We got phone numbers , gifts and home we went. But me and Noelle walked to starbucks right after school. I got the vanillia bean frappe with two pumps of rasberry , Noelle got the samething. Then we went home. Then we pumped up some dope music. One Direction to be exact. The house looked great ... a few hours later we crashed. The next day was Tuesday . That day went fast .. and so did the rest of the week . Before i knew it .. it was Friday , and thats the day i decided to buy a new outfit for my date .. Cutie skinnies with a crop top and vans . Then we woke up and i prepared for my date .. " Girrll u look Beautiful " Noelle said. " Thanks ." i replied. It was about 8 and we were in the car on our way to the movies .. We saw Transformers 2 .🚘🚗🚕🚖🚙 . It was amazing ..

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