Nerd next door

It all starts when she meets her new neighbors, will she fall for the nerd or the bad boy.


3. wrong....or right

What the hell am I doing I just meet the guy today and I'm considering kissing him? But how do I not I mean he is leaning in? The ringing of his phone interrupts my thoughts, THANK THE LORD. He laughs and gets up to get his phone. I needed to get away, so I ran to the kitchen were I found ms.Murphy, ms. Murphy were will I be staying, oh heavens forgive me for not showing you before, and call me Sam. Will do Sam I said as she lead me upstairs. We were walking down a hallway and passed a totally neerded out bedroom, OMG that's totally me!! I thought. We got to my room and she told me I could decorate it however I please, which defiantly made me happy considering all the walls were pink and purple. (Did I mention I'm a totally nerd who hates most girly things). Sam do you mind if I paint the room? Of course not she replied. Thank you I should be good for now, I'm really greatfull you let me live here. It's no biggy, now I suggest you get started on decorating so you can unpack she said with a wink at the end I laughed and put my bags in the hallway.

3 hours later

I was at the department store picking out paint and new furniture for my room, I told alex I was just going to be going to get some of my stuff from my old house because I didn't want her to pay for anything. I picked out red paint and was now walking down the furniture ille when I spotted a marvel spinny chair "must have". I also found a couple display cases for some of my favorite movies and books. I was now looking for beading and found a bunch of marvel pillows and decided to get a red comforter. Now to the lamps I got a dark blue base with a red lamp shade. At this point I didn't really know what to look for intill I found the poster ile that is I found lord of the rings posters hobbit posters and marvel posters, I ended up with a extra cart of posters...sad I know but just a few more things and I'm ready to do my room! I walked into the next ille and found the BEEN BAGS YAZZzzzzzz, of course I found a marvel one and got it. I when tot check out and remembered I need a rug so I went back and got a big red one and two marvel door mats for under my door and for under my new deal chair. Long story short (shorter) I ended up spending like 1,000 dollars on a new room but that's ok because if Been saving my money since I was 5. I got back to the house and started carying everything in the house and upstairs to my room, about half way through my lifting alex comes out the garage door and started to help, Alex you don't have to do that I told him.

Yes I do he replied. I gave in and let him help, this should be interesting.

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