Nerd next door

It all starts when she meets her new neighbors, will she fall for the nerd or the bad boy.


4. tonto and gandalph

We were walking upstairs with the last boxes and passed the nerdy room again, I stopped and turned to alex is this your room? ya...IKnowimanerddinthateme alex said in one big breath. Wow there......I'm a nerd too, have you seen any of the stuff I just bought? Alex looked around in relizeation for a bit then was he said oh well we should get along fine.

Yep I say laughing.

The next day~

I was in my newly done room, and a thought came to mind this room needs something.....a pet more specifically a guinea pig and hamster.

With that being said I ran down stairs in hopes to find Sam, once I found her she was on the phone so that meant I had to wait a good 5 min great! Notice my sarcasm, Sam finally got done and me being me cut right to the chase. Can I get a hamster and guinea pig?

As long as you take good care of then and their cages it should be fine. She assured me

Thank you thank you thank you

I went to petsmart to get all the stuff for my new pets... And let's just say petsmart is not that cheap.

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