Nerd next door

It all starts when she meets her new neighbors, will she fall for the nerd or the bad boy.


2. the unsuspected

I opened my door only to be bombarded with questions like how did it go and are they nice. Yes mom I told her while laughing because of how excited she was. Well it's good you like them because you are going to be living with them for a year. What!!!!! Oh ya savannah I have gotten a job offer across the country and I want to try it out, so I'm going to go there for a year and see if I like it. But we don't even know them how am I supposed to just walk in and say hi my name is savannah and I will be living with you for the next 12 months. Well the thing is I do know them they were my neighbors when I was a kid, and they know you are staying there well not alex and Andrew but they will find out in 2 hours time she said while looking at her watch. Why "two hours time" I said. Oh ya about that, I'm leaving for the airport in two hours she said sheepishly. Two hours, ok how long have you know that you would be moving to another country!!!!!! 6 months. At this point I didn't know how to react so I decided to just walk upstairs and pack considering I am moving to the house next door for at least a year. 2 hours later Alex's p.o.v. "Ding dong" I got up to get the door but my mom stopped me what the hell I thought, normally she asks me to get the door but the time I actually get up to do it myself she won't let me . I have no idea what's going on so I kind of spied on my mom and the mystery person at the door. The next thing I know the most beautiful girl I have ever seen walks in, and of course it's savannah the girl I meet earlier today. Oh hey Alex my mom said like she didn't know I was there which she did,this is savannah, savannah this is Alex. Oh yeah we meet like 2 and a half hours Oh really well she will be living with us for at least a year she said in one breath. Wait WHAT!! See that's what i said, savannah said. We both started laughing even though it wasn't even meant to be funny, I ended up tripping because I was laughing so hard. Of course I fall right on get causing us both to topple down to the carpeted floors. I looked around and realized my mom must have left when me and savannah had our laughing fit, I looked back down and just now noticed how close are faces were. I looked in her beautiful eyes that I have already grown so found of over the short period of time I have know her, I got so lost in them I ended of saying your eyes are so beautiful. And then I find myself leaning in....... Dun dun dun haha cliffhanger-phoebe

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